Giving flowers on Valentines Day is a time honored tradition. It is an easy way to express your affection for the recipient. Not sure what kind of flowers to send? Use the following information as a guide to picking the perfect floral bouquet for your special someone.1412052355

Rainbow Roses

Sending the classic bouquet of red roses is boring. Women like roses of all colors. Cheerful in design a dozen rainbow roses is both elegant an sophisticated. It is also an ideal choice if you are sending the roses to someone other than your significant other like your best friend or mother. Read More →


The tradition of using Christmas trees evolved with the Germans and spread with different fractions of those people migrating to other parts of the world. However, the type of tree and its decorations vary significantly among different areas, depending on the local environment and décor items available. Thus, Christmas trees used in some parts of the world for the celebration of the occasion are discussed below.


Germany is known to be the place where Christmas tree was used for the first time, which spread to other parts of the world with the Germans. Nowadays, the mother decorates the Tannenbaum secretly with ornaments, lights and tinsel, which is lit and then revealed on the day of celebration to the family with gifts, nuts and cookies placed under its branches. Read More →

wedding flowers

bridal-bouquets-wedding-flowers-bouquet-ideas-1Weddings are synonymous accompanied with flowers delivering different meanings for different people. In weddings during the early Roman times, brides were made to carry herbs to ensure the faithfulness and fertility and deflect evil their veils. The ivy had been in use in Greece as a symbol of enduring love. In marriages in England, the bride, bridesmaid and the flower girls carry flowers as a vital element of the ceremony. Thus, flowers have always served as an integral part of weddings, indicating chastity, love, loyalty and beauty. One can also present a beautiful arrangement of flowers as a marriage gift to express the joy over the celebration of love and happiness. Though, many different flowers have gained a preferable spot for use in marriage ceremonies than others, where a few commonly used ones are discussed below.


This is a tropical flower that comes with heart shaped blooms of bright colors. As compared to other flowers like the bird of paradise or ginger, Anthurium is lighter in weight and smaller in size. During weddings, these are commonly used as hair flowers, corsages and boutonnieres as well as bridal bouquets with or without other flowers, making a lovely display.

These flowers are available in different colors, including orange, peach, deep purple, cream, pistachio, burgundy, lavender, white or pink with green edges, bright white and many more. Due to their lifespan of around 6 weeks, they make an excellent choice for wedding flowers. Read More →


21st-Birthday-Party-DecorationsBalloons have an ability to transform an event of celebration into a wonderful party. You can also take the advantage of adding these affordable and perfect items of decoration to enhance the charm of a party. Since every house is built with different architectural features and a distinct design, you are free to use them with your imagination and add flair to your party with balloon decorations. However, the use of balloon based on the unique theme for a birthday party can add a special effect to your celebration. So, in order to spice up your birthday party, you must choose from a myriad of exclusive decoration ideas, out of which a few are discussed in this article

Welcome Message at The Entrance

The use of flowers and other décor materials is commonly observed with parties, where balloons can add a special touch to the adornment. You can use multi-coloured balloons to make the gate and entrance path appear brighter and display a welcome message for all your guests. The whole decoration can be made with the use of balloons or by combining flowers and other decorative items with them. Read More →

Bridesmaid flowers 1

Bridesmaid flowers 1Flowers are one of the few elements that make a wedding complete and whole, because honestly, a wedding without flowers is just plain boring. The bride and groom spend months and months to plan their perfect day, and to make it the most memorable day of their lives, but in doing so, they need to consider a lot of things. These include the needs and wants of the families, and the bridesmaids and the groom’s men. Whatever is planned needs to be in accordance to all these people as they are much a part of your wedding as you are. The question being discussed here is that what would you do if one of your bridesmaids were allergic to flowers? You can’t just not have flowers, and you can’t ask her to not be a part of your wedding. There, however are alternate solutions to this problem. Read More →

attract the bees and butterfliest

attract the bees and butterfliestMost of the flowering plants round the world attract the bees and butterflies for pollination. The pollen grains are pollinated by them from one plant to the other, in this way they help in the germination process. The brightly colored flowers attract these insects very much in groups to carry out the reproductive process of the plants. All types of terrestrial plants adapt this pollen germination process for the reproduction in the flowering plants. Some very special brightly colored flowers attract the insects for this germination process in gardens and also in forests. Read More →


First-date-flowersOur hearts possess numerous emotions, some we know of and some of them are alien to us. We tend to lead a busy, but our life has a few occasions to celebrate those emotions. We wrap our warmth, affection and offer it to our loved ones. Every holiday ritual cannot be concluded with giving gifts. It is best known as a token of love and tenderness, and special days always need special treats, are not they? Here are a few occasions and the gift idea to go with it. Read More →

corporate flowers
corporate flowers

corporate flowers

In the corporate sectors people are keener observer of the non-verbal communication and cues. Every object around you communicates something to you, the furniture and the set up of the furniture, flooring and wall papers, all of them. These objects allow you to construct an image or perception of your own. Another important communicator in corporate sectors is flowers. Read More →

flower designs

If you have a favorite flower, it will be able to say a lot about you. Here are some popular flowers which can reveal a lot about you:flower designs

  • Daisy: Those of you who like Daisies then you are the person who loves to pay attention even to minute details and are in a way able to see the things which most people do not. You are also a very optimistic person. Since you have an upbeat attitude then working in a hospital could help brighten the days of people around you.
  • Carnation: Those of you who like this flower then you are the type of a person who has a down to earth attitude. You have lots of loyal and trusted friends. Asides from this you are also surround yourself with loved ones who are always seeking your guidance. As a lover of Carnations, you would make an excellent leader.
  • Iris: As a lover of the Iris flower, you are often bored with the regular mundane and enjoy creativity and vitality. You are rosesable to thrive in jobs where you are your own boss. As a person if you are interested in artistry or even in writing then you are happiest. A 9-5 job atmosphere is something which is completely wrong for you and your creative personality.
  • Rose: Those of you who love Roses will as friends will get the first call when something happens within your friend circle. In spite of yours being social and busy you crave to be alone at times and there are times when you feel shy when you are with others. As a husband or boyfriend you are looking to bring the best out for the women..
  • Lily: If you adore Lilies then people become drawn to you because you will be able to make them feel better about themselves by your nurturing ways. People who love Lilies will certainly make a great therapist. This is why you are able to feel at ease when you are solving everyone else’s troubles. You are a very caring person.

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floral2Flowers as the mode of home decoration are used in the home interior. Along with flowers, boxes, vases and bouquets are also used to increase the beauty even more. Apart from natural flowers, artificial flowers, silk flowers also find their places as the home décor component. The flower box is one of the most popular methods of flower décor of the present days. Read More →

ayurvedic flowers

Uses of Flower in Ayurvedic

ayurvedic flowersFlowers and their Medicinal properties and uses

Rose:Rose speaks to magnificence, adoration and love. Apart from blessing us with a charming aroma, Rosewater ready from rose blossoms is utilized as eye-drops to keep away all eye related diseases. Gulkand produced out of rose cures ulcers of the stomach. The powder of dried flower petals goes about as magnificent purgatives. Read More →


Different Style of Housescontemporary-bedroom

  • The first style of house that comes to our mind is traditional house that has architectures like foyers, large doors and different rooms. Rooms are generally bigger in size and plenty of spaces available in this type of houses. Rooms are generally furnished with antique furniture in this type of house. Antiques covered in brocade, silk and tapestry is quite common in traditional houses.  Carnations, gladioli, roses, lilies and snapdragon are the perfect flowers for decorating traditional houses. They are best suited with these types of houses. For making it more vibrant, placed these flowers in silver, crystal, porcelain and brass vases.stylemeprettycp
  • The second type that resembles today’s generation is modern contemporary houses. They are nicely designed and have clean, smooth surfaces and lines. Material likes steel, glass; elegant fabrics, synthetic materials and leathers are generally used in theses type of houses. Majority of the population live in these types of houses. They are the representative of modern time construction. If you want to decorate these types of houses with flowers, try to choose flowers that resemble contemporary time. Flowers like orchids, callas, helliconia and anthuriums are the way to go. It will definitely add more beauty to your house. For getting enhanced effect, display these flowers in metallic holder, decorative pottery or frosted glasses in your house.grapevine-centerpiece
  • If you are living in Victorian style home, flowers like roses. Peonies, lavender and freesias are ideal for decoration of your house. Victorian style of house is generally more romantic type of house than others. So, you should also choose flowers that symbolize love. Gardenias in peach, pale pink and lavender are also best suited in this type of house.
  • The fourth type of house is causal living houses. Furniture made from light pine, natural woods and bleached oak are found in these types of houses. This type of houses symbolizes simplicity with beauty. Flowers that go well with this them are cyclamen, ivy or photos etc.
  • Among the popular style of houses, American country is the last decorated with metals bowls and wooden crates. For this type of house, yarrow, scabiosa and yarrow are ideal flowers for decoration.  For looking it more beautiful and gorgeous, placed it natural fibre baskets along with swags, herbs and wreaths.

So, whatever be the style, flower is the way for decoration of your house.