Importance of flowering plants

Flowering plants play a great role in the life of diverse species and environment. Human beings are the most intelligent person who has made their way out rather than involvement with nature. Today human being does not only depend on flowering plants along. But, there are many other microorganisms that depend on flowering plants for their survival and proliferation. Using more mobile life form, angiosperm gets evolved. Generic code is then diversified. These life cycles would include insect, birds and mammals. The foster mutations are developed by more species, which increases the chance for survival.

Benefits of flowering plants to soil

There is a symbolic relationship of many flowering plants with bacteria and fungi. This helps in adding nutrition to the surrounding soil. A fungus known as Mycorrhizal attaches to the root of the plant. It trades energy stored in the plant by pulling water and nutrient in it. Aeration is provided in this procedure by breaking up the soil. This last for long after the host plant leaves. Fixing of nitrogen in atmosphere is also one of the important features of flowering plant.

Benefit to insects

Dependency of flowering plants increases on the insects. For its pollination, insects play a wonderful role in this regard.  Those insects include beetles, butterflies, flies, bees, moth, etc. Flowering plants on the other hand, plays a great role to entice these pollinators. The flowering plants have bright petals, nice fragrance to attract insects for pollination.

Benefits for Humans

Every aspect of flowering plant can be enjoyed by the human. It is really simulating to smell their fragrance, and view their colors. Human beings get abundance of food from a variety of flowering plants available in the natural atmosphere. Flowering plants is also associated with medicinal properties to treat every disease of human.

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