One question that troubles everyone is ‘what to gift?’ The gift should be useful and not just be thrown in one corner and forgotten about. It is on this occasion where the flowers come in. Gifting flowers is a time-honoured tradition. There is such a wide variety to choose from in these beautiful creations of nature that it is easy to add that personal touch to the gift. Moreover, this is one gift with which you just cannot go wrong. It will definitely be appreciated and make the recipient feel special. Especially, if you are buying flowers for your lady love, it is sure to bring a smile on her face.

How to choose the right flowers

Flowers, with their vibrant colours and amazing fragrance, invoke a sense of freshness and purity. However, one disadvantage of having such a wide choice is that it leaves one confused as to which one to gift. A few tips will help you make the right decision and impress your loved one.

  1. Keep in mind the likes and dislikes of the person you are gifting flowers. Try to find out if they have a favourite flower, then it is easy to gift that. If you are unable to find that, try guessing their favourite color and you can give them a bouquet, which is an assortment of flowers of that colour.
  2. There is a universal message attached to flowers so be sure that your choice of flowers and your message are in sync with each other.
  3. Make sure that the recipient is not allergic to pollens else the gift will do more harm than good.
  4. If it is flowers that you give each time, ensure that your gift is different each time. From a bunch of fresh cut flowers to an aesthetic arrangement to a potted plant, you will never be short of ideas.

Flowers convey Love

Having learnt that flowers are a great way to expression love and friendship, it is important to know which flower says what you want to say. The unsaid emotions that are associated with flowers are universal in nature and that makes it easy to choose the right flower for matters of heart. Flower delivered to her doorstep by our our florists in Hyderabad will definitely help to convey your feelings. Some of the popular flowers that convey love are:

  1. Rose:  Each year on Valentine’s Day the flower, which is most in demand is the Rose and not just any colour; it is the red rose, which is most wanted.  Red rose is supposed to be the ultimate expression of love, romance and beauty. The price of the classic red rose bud is at an all-time high on 14th February, but neither does that deter the buyer nor does it harm its popularity.  Yellow and pink roses are also popular gifts for they are also associated with budding friendship and love.


  1. CarnationThese flowers are associated with love and fascination. Pink carnations speak the woman’s mind and can be gifted to the man she is interested in. The flower blooms in such a variety of colours and shades and has certain cheerfulness about it. Unlike a rose, they are not a passionate expression of love and are commonly gifted during the initial stages of a relationship.


  1. 3.     Orchid:  These flowers are associated with feelings of love, wisdom, beauty and seduction. A gift of orchids points to the fact that the sender is someone who thinks and does things differently (rose are what everyone gifts). For the recipient it is signifies the sender’s admiration.  Another advantage of gifting orchids is that these flowers last longer than the other popular ones.


  1. 4.      Tulips: These flowers stand for perfect love. Whether it is red or yellow or pink tulips that you are gifting, the sentiment remains the same – that of love and care. They last long and are a constant reminder of the person who sent them.


  1. Daisies:  Innocent as a daisy is a common saying. And, these flowers are just that – an innocent expression of love. They make ideal, on the spur of the moment gift which you can make on your own also and therein lies the value of the gift. Gerbera, which belongs to the daisy family, is another favourite. It is available in bright colours and adds to the cheerfulness of the moment.


  1. LiliesThese beautiful flowers represent celebration and enthusiasm. They are commonly used in wedding decorations. Lilly stands for class and style. It is ideal to gift lilies in a bouquet with other flowers and add to the colour and texture of the arrangement.  If you have been gifted lilies, you can be assured that the sender is a sophisticated person of elegant tastes.


Even if you wish to spend a fortune for Valentine’s Day gift, it would be advisable to give a bunch of flowers along. For without doubt, these are the flowers which will communicate what you really wish to say and the memory will last forever.

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