Christmas, the festival of the birth of Jesus Christ, is celebrated worldwide on December 25th every year. The celebrations begin with Christmas Eve, the evening of December 24th. Christmas is much awaited, especially by kids who await the arrival of Santa Claus with gifts. It’s an occasion for bringing the family together and renewal of the bond between them. It creates a message of love and brotherhood.

Christmas is Special For Kids

Christmas is the most awaited day for kids. There are many reasons for the same. The belief of Santa Claus visiting houses and placing gifts under the Christmas tree is the main reason among them. The Santa Claus makes a good and bad list of every kid and presents a gift to every good kid on Christmas Eve. The belief has had a good effect on kids as it stops them from doing bad things and getting ready for Christmas. Each kid wakes up on Christmas day and runs to find the gift wrapped under the Christmas tree.

How to Prepare For Christmas

The preparation for Christmas starts long back. The preparations start with sending Christmas cards to friends and relatives. The decoration part is the next step. It starts with setting up and decorating the Christmas tree with lights and bells. The decoration extends to outside the house where the pathway, trees and hedges are decorated with lights. The crib which represents the stable where Jesus was born is made and decorated along with it. After that, the process of shopping for gifts will start. These gifts are piled up under the Christmas tree to open up on Christmas morning.

Christmas Celebrations

The Christmas Eve starts when people attend church for religious service. It’s one of the most important thing related to Christmas. After church, people come home and cut the Christmas cake and have wine together. Christmas cake is plum cake filled with nuts and raisins. Christmas is also celebrated by having a Christmas party especially for kids. The party will be a means to exchanging gifts and sharing the joy of Christmas. The people come together to have a Christmas feast which includes turkey, wine, ham and other delicious foods. The feast is huge and all the family and friends attend together. It brings the togetherness of Christmas. Carol is organized as part of the celebration. In carol Christmas songs are sung and danced to.

Gifts for Christmas

Selecting and giving a gift is one of the best moments of Christmas season. It’s a difficult job to buy the right gift to make the moment more special. The gifts can vary from a simple box of chocolates to something expensive. It depends on the likes of each person. Usually gifts are selected after taking into consideration what the person needs. The only consideration while selecting a gift is the receiver’s happiness and satisfaction.  The relation between them is taken into consideration as well. While kids stick to gifts like toys and chocolates, adults exchange set of jewellery and other luxury as well as daily needed items. Paintings and books are exchanged and it all depends on the buyers’ taste and the age group. The beauty of Christmas is that any gift is acceptable. The initiative to buy the gift is appreciated well.

Christmas Celebration Period

The Christmas celebration extends to twelve days, and it begins with the Christmas day. It ends on 5th of January and is known as Christmastide. It is not celebrated much at present, as the celebrations will end with the Christmas day. In the past the celebration lasted twelve days and ended on the 12th night. This period of twelve days is known as the Christmas period. Before the 12th night, the decorations and lightings are taken down as its considered bad luck to put it after that. These twelve days represent 12 months of the year. People celebrating the Christmastide exchange gifts on each day representing each month. This ritual is supposed to bring good luck to people the whole year.

Some Tips for a Better Christmas

The celebration of Christmas is becoming highly commercialized. People are trying to compete with others in buying presents and to get better gifts than last year. In this rush the spirit of Christmas is ruined. There are many important and beautiful ways to keep alive the true meaning and spirit of Christmas. In order to take the commercialism out of Christmas, indulge in family traditions like attending the church together and having a meal together. The spirit of Christmas can be kept alive by helping the poor and needy and giving joy to them by your act of kindness. Do decorations together both for the crib and tree and give gifts that will mean something to the receiver other than going for fancy items. Be cheerful throughout the Christmas season.

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