Winter Flowers in India

Winter season is always the best time to grow beautiful flowers in your garden. If you are planning to grow some beautiful blooms in your garden then the right time to sow seeds in October- November. Some seeds grow in more cold time that is in December and January. In India you will find diversity everywhere and also there are many different seasons. But nature always finds a place in every month like in humid summer and dry winter to make our surrounding beautiful and this is all because of the beautiful flowers. These blooms always spread cheers and happiness around us. They always make us feel happy, healthy and also show growth. If you are planning to grow flowers then you have to show some special care for their growth in winters.  For the good growth and health plant need proper sunlight. Without the sunlight, it will not remain green and healthy for a long time. So, place your flower pot on the right place and also check the compost on a regular basis because without proper care it will get dry. There are a lot of online florists too, who can bring fresh flowers to your home, but if you are planning to grow some beautiful flowers in the winter season but confused that what you should grow then we are going to share a list of winter flowers and this will surely help you to choose flowers for perfect flower bouquet delivery in Mumbai.

Alyssum in Winter in India:sweet alyssum flower in india

This is a very beautiful flower and its beauty will surely give your garden a different look. This flower is a low-growing plant and usually, they are in white color. Their scent is similar to honey. When they grow they look like a carpet of flowers. This is the reason they look different and perfect for your garden.

Antirrhinum:Antirrhinum flower india

Antirrhinum is also known as Snapdragon. This flower is very beautiful having branching with flowering spikes. It is easily growing flower in winter. There are numerous varieties of snapdragon flowers from dwarf to tall flowering stems. It also comes in many colors except blue.

Aster – Winter Flowers:aster flowers in India

Another beautiful flower that looks like daisy flower. This flower comes in different varieties and also hasdifferent colors. It has starry shape and that makes them beautiful and charming. Aster is so beautiful and they can attract butterflies to your garden.

Calendula:Beautiful Calendula Flower India

Calendula flower is also known as Pot Marigold. This flower comes in bright yellow and orange colors. The interesting thing of these flowers is that it can enhance the beauty of your garden as well as it can give you medicinal benefits. This flower is easy to grow and need only a little care.

Clarkia:Clarkia Winter flowers India

Clarkia is a beautiful double flower and comes in different shades. This flower has slender branches and also its long spikes make this flower more attractive. This flower can be grown as the pot plant.

Dianthus:Dianthus in Winter in India

Dianthus flower is also known as Sweet William. This flower has many colors that include white, red, purple, pink and sometimes yellow.  Dianthus is a gorgeous plant and can enhance the beauty of your garden. In this plant, you can see the cluster of flowers on the top of the branches and this makes them more beautiful.

Daffodil:daffodils-flower in winter in india

This is also known as winter bulb. These flowers are beautiful and it can be perfect for your garden. Daffodil flowers can also enhance the beauty of flower bouquet when florist uses them in making different flower arrangements. This flower comes in a variety of colors that include pink, yellow, and white, orange and in tricolor.


This beautiful flower is a low-cost flower and in winters it comes in different colors that include red pink, orange, white and purple. These flowers are very attractive.


Poppies are the other wildflowers that are beautiful and you can grow them in your garden because they are attractive and charming. They have different colors.

Petunia:Petunia flower in winter in India

Petunia is the other popular plant and they are easy to grow. These plants are so pretty and that include them in the race of garden plants. Its flower has different sizes like they come in small and large size.

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