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Flowers are amongst nature’s most beautiful creations. A garden full of blooming flowers acts as a stress buster. Due to this property, flowers have been exploited in the treatment of many lifestyle diseases over the ages. In the ancient times people believed that Gods put fragrance in the flowers and that all diseases could be cured by their smell. Aroma therapy as it is popularly known uses the soothing floral fragrances in the treatment. Flowers have been used in their natural state, as essential oils, as perfumes and as flower essences. Practitioners transmit the healing power of flowers in concentrated form and work on an emotional and spiritual level.

Sending floral bouquets to the ailing person also acts in a positive way. Hospitals encourage this kind of healing and this is why cut flowers as well as flowering plants are grown there. Read More →

Flowers in medicine

There are several flowers that can be used for medicinal purpose as a medicine. For instance, Malabar Nut, Snake Jasmine, water jasmine, Himalayan Hogweed, Indian pennywort, Ajwain, Sea mango and many other. Many of these flowers are extensively used in Ayurveda and can be used in different types treating different types of diseases. The use of Indian flowers in medicines is known all over the world.

There are several flowers in India that won the souls of people all around the world. Some of these flowers are jasmine; due to its beautiful smell, rose; due to its beautiful shape and smell; peacock flower; due to its vibrant colour, marigold, sunflower, etc. This proves that the Indian flowers are not only loved by the Indian people, but also by people around the world, due to its beauty. Read More →

Flowers as Gift

The word “flower” itself fills our heart with fresh energy, isn’t it? Yes, flowers are loved by everyone as they freshens us, encourages us and teach us the lesson of life. Flowers are fresh for sometimes, but they spread their fragrance and freshness in their less lifespan. In the same way, we should also spread our friendship and love to the people around us to be in their memory forever.

Flowers can be gifted in all occasions, whether birthday, wedding, house warming ceremony, mother’s day, father’s day or for your love too. You can surprise your friend with beautiful flower arrangement for her birthday at her home. I am sure; she would love your small gesture and feel proud.  There are many kinds of flowers which can be used as gifts, such as, rose, lilies, tulips, etc., which can be easily found in any flower shop. If you love someone, make them special by gifting a lovely flower.

Never forget to send a card, letter, in scripted personalized mirror or a simple note with the flowers. The main idea is to convey your true feeling with the help of flowers.  Flowers are the best gift for you’re the person you love and are an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day. The day is specifically celebrated to express your love towards the other person. The red rose conveys love for the person. The red color fills you with energy and improves your mood. Read More →

Festive season is never complete without fruits, flowers, gifts. These become the essence of our lifestyle which has been incorporated and imbibed into us by our peers and forefathers. Basically, it creates unity and cohesion among our loved ones. The very purpose of sharing gifts during festivals is to create warmth among the family members and transcribe the bond among our relatives and loved ones.

Importance of Flowers –

One of the most beautiful creations by the nature is the flower. There are various species of flowers which are present in the universe. The serene beauty of the flower is mesmerizing and delightful and enlightens our taste for charm. They are a part of our lives, at any given point we would have used flowers to either bring joy in our loved ones or we would have bought for any other purpose. The various roles played by the flower Read More →

Over the years, the importance of flowers has gone up and so are its uses. They are used for decoration as well as for gifting. According to a wedding planner, ‘flowers are an integral part of any wedding, in all cultures across the world.’ The type, colour and the way they are used may differ from one place to another depending on the availability and customs. They are also considered the ideal gift for the newly wed couple, for wishing the new born baby good health, for occasions like house warming, dinner invitations as well as wishing speedy recovery.

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What is the first thing that you think of when you have to buy a gift for someone?  In most cases, the answer would be flowers. And, why not, they make for the perfect gift irrespective of the occasion. It is not a recent trend. From time immemorial, flowers have brought happiness and pleasure to people all over the world. They manage to transcend the gap and seem to be speaking the language of love.   Read More →

If you visit a five-star hotel with all modern amenities, they would definitely place a bunch of fresh flowers in their lobby area as well as rooms of each guest. Thus, it has become really important for all to be in an environment where a fresh breath and lively element is present.

Flowers in hospital

Generally, the nurses are instructed to keep fresh flowers beside the bed of each patient. This is done to make the patient psychological sound. The patient will have a proper focus on the lively things around. But if you keep the patient in a dull atmosphere without fresh flower, he will really feel depressed. This depression can lead him to get the disease once again.

Since his mind is not so much effective with regard to sensuality and passion, he would not wish to come out of the disease. The best way will be to keep him in such an atmosphere where he will get to see fresh flowers, colourful decoration on bed sheets and walls. He will be really happy and will recover very soon with this attempt.

Decorative element in hotels

If you are willing to go out somewhere to enjoy a holiday, you must require an accommodation facility. Various branded hotels at different parts of the city will provide you good accommodation and food. But once you get inside the hotel premise, you must feel lively. Thus, the reception of hotel is well decorated with fresh flowers. Even the room of each guest has an arrangement of Mumbai flower decoration.

The satisfaction of the guest is the most important motive of all hoteliers. The rooms of hotel are also been decorated with a particular floral theme. For example, if an individual likes yellow colour, he can simply ask the housekeeping department to make him avail the same. The housekeeping department will provide everything inside the room with a yellow colour.

Starting from bed sheet, pillow cover, to that of fresh flowers everything inside the room will be appropriate with regard to your need. Thus, the hotel authority will gain your trust by providing you with wonderful decoration along with the perfect choice of flowers.

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Lifestyle is the way a person lives, which depends on his ability, reflecting the entire range of social values, culture and activities. We get to our lifestyle by the social interaction with parents, friends and the society.

Our health and physical fitness is highly influenced by our lifestyle. It is very important to have a healthy lifestyle in order to promote good health.

Each person would have his own individual lifestyle, which has a great role to play in his fitness and health. Factors like enough sleep, adequate nutrition, personal hygiene, habits and behaviour contribute to one’s individual lifestyle.

There are two important concepts related to lifestyle

  • · Health is the optimal well-being that contributes to quality living. High-level mental, social, emotional, spiritual and physical fitness contributes to optimal health.


  • · Wellness is the integration of all parts of health and fitness. It reflects how one feels about life.
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The great Indian lifestyle

The great Indian lifestyle:

India, known as the land of diversities, is the seventh largest country by area and second-most populous country. In the ancient times, India was identified with its cultural and commercial wealth. Four major religions, namely, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism originated here.

Want to know more about the Indian lifestyle?

The Indian lifestyle applies universally to all people at all times because it recognises all urges of human personality. India suggests time tested lifestyle that has helped many in achieving a long lasting happiness and health. Basically human has four desires, namely:

· Purpose

· Profit

· Pleasure

· Freedom

Indian lifestyle is a model that acknowledges these four desires. The blueprint of the good old Indian lifestyle is codified as ‘purusharthas’, which means objectives of life, in the ancient sacred writings of India, i.e. ‘The Vedas’, The Dharmashastras’, ’The Mahabharata’.





Sometimes we do not understand exactly what to provide as a gift to the one whom we actually love. A flower or a bunch of flower will definitely work well in this place. Even during the funeral ceremony fresh flowers are regarded to be an important part. You can express your gratitude to the demise at the funeral ceremony by providing fresh flowers. Today, artificial flowers are no more regarded to be good in the house or offices. Only natural and fresh flowers are preferred by people around.

But today due to advancement of technology the floral industry have also got an ease of flower arrangement. It is no more time-consuming to arrange flowers. One among such technology is the water absorbing foam. Due to this technology individual will feel as if they are holding fresh flower in their hand. Thus, the fresh flowers can easily be preserved for a long time.