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Christmas, the festival of the birth of Jesus Christ, is celebrated worldwide on December 25th every year. The celebrations begin with Christmas Eve, the evening of December 24th. Christmas is much awaited, especially by kids who await the arrival of Santa Claus with gifts. It’s an occasion for bringing the family together and renewal of the bond between them. It creates a message of love and brotherhood. Read More →

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and is celebrated by people the world over. This holiday has different connotations in different cultures. The American adaptation of this holiday is far more commercial than it is in India. In India it is primarily a religious celebration. Christmas reinforces the belief that Christians have in an almighty power. For children it is a time of merriment and winter wonderlands. Like the song goes it is the most magical time of the year and this is even truer when it comes to the young and the naïve. They believe in every fable and every mythical story they hear. It resonates through them and if you look closely you can see it in their eyes plain as day. Read More →

Beauty and fashion does not remain similar in all seasons, rather the changing face of fashion in India have created variation in the concept of beauty. There was a time when people used to prefer chemically rich cosmetics products. They were not aware of the negative effect of the same. But today, beauty world is rediscovered with the herbal products. Indians took good time to indulge in fashion world. But, now due to western fashion, even Indians are taking fashion seriously. Read More →

The festival of lights Diwali is probably the most popular festival of Hindus celebrated in India. There is much folklore about why the festival is celebrated. The most well-known is that it was on this day that Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years in exile. The best part is that it is a five-day long festival which starts two days before Diwali and there is a special celebration on each day. Read More →

India is the land of festivals. Diwali is a popular festival celebrated all over India. It is the festival of lights and the celebrations last for 3 to 5 days. People decorate their home with flowers and lights. They celebrate by gifting people with clothes and sweets. Fireworks display in the evening is another part of Diwali celebrations. The festival celebrates the return of Lord Rama to his kingdom Ayodhya after completing his 14-years of exile and it is celebrated by lighting diyas to welcome him. Another legend associated with Diwali is the killing of Narakasura, which symbolizes the victory of good over evil. It is an official holiday for offices and banks on this day. Diwali is related to end of harvest season when farmers seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity. Read More →

One of the most known flower essence therapy is the Bach Flower Therapy found out by Dr. Bach, which consists of 38 flower essences for therapy. Flower essences are used to heal emotional and mental problems. They impart us with the positive energy.  For centuries the flower essences are used to cure such mental and emotional difficulties. Bad experiences may have affected our lifestyle totally and the flower essence remedy can be used to neutral out the effects of such negative thoughts. The treatment brings emotional stability and stop negative thoughts. Read More →

Importance of flowering plants

Flowering plants play a great role in the life of diverse species and environment. Human beings are the most intelligent person who has made their way out rather than involvement with nature. Today human being does not only depend on flowering plants along. But, there are many other microorganisms that depend on flowering plants for their survival and proliferation. Using more mobile life form, angiosperm gets evolved. Generic code is then diversified. These life cycles would include insect, birds and mammals. The foster mutations are developed by more species, which increases the chance for survival. Read More →