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FQ52Regarding the flower

Chrynsynthnum is one of the most beautiful, gorgeous and bright flowers of the world. These are flowering plants of perennial types. These flowers are fo8und in plenty in Asia and north eastern part of Europe. There are the favourite flowers for the florists all over the world. The Chrynsynthnum flower bouquets and bunches are largely gifted on various occasions like wedding ceremony, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. The flower is available in various colours, thus these are arranged in bouquets in different colour combinations. The flowers are decorated beautifully in various shapes, sizes and arrangements in gorgeously designed bouquets and sent as gifts. Gifting of flowers is the best way to express love, care and affection to the near and dear ones. People of all ages, genders, social; and cultural backgrounds love flowers. The bright colours of the flowers make all the occasions memorable and enjoyable. The flowers are also widely planted in the gardens and lawns of various households, across the globe.

Different types of Chrynsynthnum bouquets and arrangements

  • Make her day
  • My party by
  • Lovely lavender
  • Elegant evening
  • Ducky delight
  • Wondrous wishes

The above-mentioned flower arrangements are some very popular types of Chrynsynthnum flowers as gifts. Flower arrangements like zoom_T251A11061612758ducky delight and baby’s wagon are very suitable for gifting children. Sometimes Chrynsynthnum flowers are also mixed with other bright colour flowers like roses, lilies, tuberoses, etc. in good combinations in bouquets and gifted in various ceremonies.  Radiant reflection, meant to be bouquet, basket full, hearts delight, elegant evening, confetti present, tropical bliss, hooray, sweet tranquillity, beautiful in blue, etc. are a few examples of such flower bouquets. The flowers are available in different colours. Thus, a combination of differently colored Chrynsynthnum flowers makes beautiful flower arrangements in bouquets and bunches.

BA018_bAn overview on flowers

Flowers are among the most beautiful and pure creation of Mother Nature. This is the reason that they are among the most chosen gifts or presents for the loved and dear ones. Flowers stand as a symbol of freshness and it is also correlated to many earthly feelings like friendship, sacrifice, love, happiness, gaiety and niceness. They are liked and adored by the people of all ages alike because of its property to elude the entire surroundings. Read More →

timthumb.php1Carnation Trivia

Some interesting facts about these flowers:

These are native Eurasian flowers.

First account of carnation usage is found in Greek and Roman scriptures, as used by them in their garlands and crowns.

They have been growing as a commercial crop from as long as 1954. Read More →

FQ52The main breed of this plant is available only in autumn season. But many of its other species are always ready to use in the month of summer. Most of these flowers are the most important possession for large arrangements. These arrangements require flower in large scale with economic price. No flower other than Chrysanthemum can provide elegance with reliable staying power at the best price.

2gkc3tj0zoGerbera belongs to the family of Sunflowers. It was named after the German Botanist Traugott Gerber. It is mostly found in Africa, Asia, Indonesia and South America. It actually looks like a daisy which is why they are also called as Gerbera daisies. They are found in two sizes which are different from each other. Out of the two sizes one is called the standard size and the other is miniature size. Read More →