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For every type of wedding, flowers are really important. Today, people get pleasure in celebrating wedding occasion outdoor. Especially during the summer season, people wish to decorate the ambience with the spring flowers.

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With every change of weather, new collection of flowers gathers in the society, you can easily get pleasure in availing different types of flowers variety during the wedding occasion. The epitome symbol of love and affection is portrayed through the collection of flowers. Since they are mild, it is quite easy to bring smile on the face of the guests as well as the wedding couple on the particular occasion. Make your wedding memorable with A1 City Flowers.

wedding4Some of the latest designs present nowadays are:

  • Sweet peonies
  • Classic white
  • Mood  board
  • Pale pink floras


That’s is why people take these flower designs very seriously, flowers are generally used in weddings in following events:


  • Flowers for blessing ceremony
  • Flowers for wedding area
  • Flowers for “mandap” or dais
  • Flowers for garlands
  • Bridal bouquets
  • Table arrangements
  • Wedding hall, temple, church  or room decoration
  • Flowers for cake or to wear in your hair.

So now that you are aware of all the necessary arrangements you need to make to get the right flowers for your wedding, go ahead and make sure your decoration of flowers is one worth remembering.


dahliaDahlias are considered as one of the most popular flower species when it comes to gardening. However, while the history of flowers such as chrysanthemums, irises, peonies, etc. goes back until literally ancient times, dahlias in their various types are know as cultivated flowers for about 200 years only. During these two centuries dahlias have experienced certain ups and downs in the interest about them, but they have finally become one the most popular flowers planted in our home gardens.

It is believed that dahlias originate from Mexico and Spain. Then they were transferred to Great Britain and later – in France and Germany. After their appearance in Europe, dahlias were grown mainly as tropical plants in greenhouses, but they were actually pretty weak and unimpressive. After a French botanist planted some dahlias in the botanical garden in Monpel, the results were outstanding and have surpassed all expectations. This was the beginning of the triumphal procession of dahlias, which became really Read More →

flowers on eventsFlowers In Exhibitions

Seeds and saplings can also be sold, so can books on how to take care of plants can also be sold. Moreover, in order to make this exhibition more exciting, keeping the young people behind who actually probably did not even want to come, a live music and dance completion can be arranged, along with cash prizes for the best performer. This will remove the boredom and tiredness of youngsters. Moreover, a kid’s play area can also be erected with clowns and plenty of balloons. Even though this is a flower how, when people get hungry, they get angry. So including a kiosk, where food and drinks can be served would be very convenient as well as a well-planned decision. Read More →