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100_Mixed_Roses_in_a_Tall_Glass_VaseThere is perhaps nothing as priceless as love in this universe. This can never be stressed enough however much it is said. Love alone is one of the most powerful of powers that has shaped the course of human history and made it what it is. It cannot be suppressed or tyrannized by any other power. It is a relentless force that never ceases to matter. Most importantly, love is an emotion that binds two people together for a whole life, something that perhaps no other thing in this universe can.

Manifesting Love

Love might be an abstract emotion but it has to be manifested in order to gain strength just as words are meaningless unless said. Love needs to be manifested as well. It needs to be shown outwardly in order for it to have any effect. Over the years many symbols have emerged that stood for the portrayal of love, there were several gestures too. Flowers have been associated with love for a long period of time. Flowers are a constant symbol of love and affection that is always greatly appreciated, in almost all the cultures across the world. They are a favourite among the ladies as well. Read More →

artificial flowersMost of us have artificial flowers and plants at home. We use them as decoration in places where real ones are not appropriate. These accessories accumulate dust just like the other household items and furniture and therefore need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Depending on the material that artificial items are made from, there are various ways to give them a proper and efficient wash.

How to clean artificial flowers and plants? Most of the time if the amount of dust is lower, they can be easily washed. See several techniques. First we provide the simpler ones.

#1 Fast cleaning

  • Use a feather duster to dust artificial plants.
  • Use a hairdryer to blow off the dust.
  • Or you can try removing the dust using a vacuum cleaner. Be careful not to vacuum the plants too hard.
  • Another method is to wipe the flowers with a dampened cloth or rag. Cotton swabs will work as well.

These techniques can work but they cannot help reach some areas. Apart from this, they also stir dust into the air. If don’t want this to happen you can use special artificial flower sprays. Read More →

weddingcake3Happy wedding season folks!

From years, wedding invitations sent and received by us that play a role of messenger to announce date and timing of biggest celebration of life and also appeals to join the event at scheduled time. Wedding cards are well designed notes favored by bride and groom and designs illustrate fabulous performance of card makers who are putting their heart out to craft a unique pattern that will deeply fall in eyes of guests when they receive it personally from sender.  What you expect from wedding invitations and how significant is it to pick out a different design from previously received one as you want to make an impact with your innovative idea that will reach its destination and your guests will WOW afterwards.

History of wedding invitations cards

In middle ages and before “Town Crier” used to announce wedding celebration of particular person in the locality where supposed guests are invited and it will deliver a loud message to attend wedding on mentioned date and time. Calligraphy made it possible to hand-craft wedding invitations and it became an integral practice followed by everyone.  It was an era devoted to hand-written Read More →

winter weddingGetting married in the winter can be a lovely romantic experience. Imagine the white snow, the beautiful cosy winter atmosphere, the wonderful wedding decoration and your most beloved people adding a wonderful vibe to this incredible moment. But there is a small problem – flowers don’t do well with cold weather. Low temperature can kill your flowers and ruin one of the most important details of your wedding. However, just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have beautiful flowers at your wedding. There is a choice of seasonal flowers that you can find and also tips on how to keep your flowers alive longer for your winter wedding.

Permanent Flowers

These are artificial flowers that are a great way to decorate your outdoor wedding and not worry that they will freeze before you’ve said your vows. You can find on the market some very well-made artificial flowers that look exactly like real ones and they will definitely do the job and create a lovely atmosphere. It’s guaranteed that many people won’t even notice the flowers are not real.

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