Christmas and New Year are the most exciting and important festival holidays every year. People become eager and joyous as these days are the perfect excuse for a family re-union and also spend time together with our loved one(s). It’s usual for everybody to get nervous and stressful that they sometimes mess up their preparations and plans for the big day. Here are some tips for children and adults on how to script a wonderful Christmas and New Year and have a great time with their family.


It’s the most important and significant festival for Christians around the world as it marks the birth of their Savior Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas decorations are always special and form an important part of the celebrations. It’s common to see Christmas trees in every house and attractive lights hanging about its branches in home threshold. And, then there are the gifts that keep children excited and expecting about Christmas morning.

Mass prayers and speeches are conducted by Churches and the special meal or lunch (or even dinner) is the hallmark of the day’s events. It’s a great tradition as it marks the importance of family togetherness and a healthy feast. Inviting guests to be a part of the celebrations and making them feel at home while the family engages in talks and humorous gags – this is a day that keeps all of us waiting all around the year and wanting for more.

Kid’s Christmas:

For kids, everything that they look forward is to get the presents that they yearned for and show it to fellow kids and have fun playing with it. As it’s the day that they get gifts besides birthday, parents would be very careful and choosy when they select a gift for their little prince/princess. But, they should keep a check on the spending as there is a lot more to buy for Christmas and they should put together a pretty good budget.

Puzzles, Toys, Coloring Books, Printed Posters and even a special ‘Letter from Santa’ are perfect gifts for kids. Kids love to play out in the snow and make their own ‘Snowman’ and Santa Claus sculptures with it. Taking them to public places where ‘real’ Santas would have put up a show is another way to get kids happy and going on Christmas Day.

Tips for a hassle-free Christmas:

ü  Make a budget that includes all expenses and things to buy.

ü  Compile a ‘To buy’ list.

ü  Invite friends and relatives keeping in mind the space of your home.

ü  Time your shopping during the time when there are best deals and if there’s more to buy, just multiple your visits. So there would be time to choose and decide.

ü  Pick the right presents and try not to overspend on these items.

ü  Cook your meal at the right time before guests drop in so that there will be much time for gossip.

ü  Relax and stress-out so that you won’t sound pathetic among the crowds.

ü  Plan activities that increase joy and happiness and makes everyone involved.

New Year and New Year’s Eve:

This is a perfect day for a fresh start and to bury the dark memories of the past. It is also a chance for a turnaround in our life and an opportunity to make things better. This is a day that instills hope and injects joy into everyone’s hearts. A ring, a bouquet, a figurine, jewelry or a dress are perfect gifts for New Year.  The attraction of every New Year is the celebration that engulfs around it.

New Year’s Eve is a perfect day to recount the past and remember each great moment that we had and learn from the moments that made us sad. Arrange a party with friends, family and loved ones. Enjoy the night watching the fireworks and spend the next day rejoicing with others and grow faith that this year will be more successful than the previous one.


Gifts in any form are always acceptable by people of all ages and genre. A gift is the most divine form of love and affection. People often share gifts as it brings about a culture of giving more than expecting. The entire season from Dushera to New Year is considered the best season of the year and people eagerly wait to make the most of the occasion to make it memorable.

Perhaps, New Year celebration has to be celebrated with utmost care. It has also proved fatal in many occasions. The right spirit of this occasion can be realized by sharing with our family and friends, who would always be there for us in terms of need. Many companies tend to organize parties by inviting movie stars to increase the glam and publicity. Youth of today’s generation like to spend away the night dancing in a discotheque with friends. It is always nice to make a resolution and follow the same. There is never late to start afresh.

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