2gkc3tj0zoGerbera belongs to the family of Sunflowers. It was named after the German Botanist Traugott Gerber. It is mostly found in Africa, Asia, Indonesia and South America. It actually looks like a daisy which is why they are also called as Gerbera daisies. They are found in two sizes which are different from each other. Out of the two sizes one is called the standard size and the other is miniature size.

These flowers are best suited for gardening. Compared to other flowers in the daisy family Gerbera is the most popular flower. Being a commercial flower it is ranked as the 5th most cut flower in the world followed by other flowers like Rose, tulip, carnation and chrysanthemum. They are popularly used in wedding bouquets and other flower arrangements as they come in various shapes and colors.

They come in various shades of colors like orange, pink, yellow, peach, white and red. It has no leaves and comes with only a single stem. They look vibrant and stunning when arranged in the bouquet. Their beautiful shape is sure to draw anyones attention. The bright colors of this flower can liven up the surroundings.

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