florist-designer010The first step of flower designing

The first step that need to be taken in flower designing technique depends upon the arrangement you are making for, like if you are to make a bouquet you have to start with foam but if arrangement is for a vase then pick up the container. Thee flower holders in a bouquet are very important. The foam is wet in water, and then the stems of the flowers are buried in them, so that a continuous source of water is provided to the flowers to remain alive and fresh. If not this then containers must be your choice. In bouquet the container could be anything that you wish your bouquet to be looking like. In a bouquet the container could be a basket with foam at its base, while in a vase the container could be just anything that is capable of holding water. Choose the container on the basis of arrangement you want to give to the flowers. If you want the flowers to be getting a small cozy bush type look, its suggested to use small round pots, but if you have long stems and you want to have a taller arrangement with sparse flowers, look for thin neck tall vases.

Now when your vessel is decided, get in action and clean it up very carefully with on leave or petal left inside. Next fill the vase with fresh water at room temperature and add some flower food to it. If your vase is tall, try to tie the flowers together just above the height of the vase. Cut the stems in proper length and angle so that they could live longer in the vase.

Stuffing the flowers in vase

If you have just randomly stuffed your vase with flowers, there are chances that it may look like wild bush of grasses and berries. What you should be doing is that make the arrangement according to the color. The flowers on the basis of color contrast are arranged best. The bigger and dominant flowers are suggested to be kept first, so that they appear catchy. Also they should be placed at different angles so that full vase or bouquet appear even. Use the foliage to cover up the gaps, or you can be using small pretty flowers for the job.

Your flower designing is done Brocade-Spotlight2010-1

The last step of flower designing is to pick out the pollen stamens from the bases. By doing this we can assure that the pollens won’t be discoloring the petals, neither there are any stains going to be coming up. The flower’s life is also extended by removing pollens, as the flower will be prevented from becoming pollinated.

By following these simple flower designing techniques, you can add to the beauty of your place through magnificent flowers.

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