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aster flowers in India

Winter Flowers in India

Winter season is always the best time to grow beautiful flowers in your garden. If you are planning to grow some beautiful blooms in your garden then the right time to sow seeds in October- November. Some seeds grow in more cold time that is in December and January. In India you will find diversity everywhere and also there are many different seasons. But nature always finds a place in every month like in humid summer and dry winter to make our surrounding beautiful and this is all because of the beautiful flowers. These blooms always spread cheers and happiness around us. They always make us feel happy, healthy and also show growth. If you are planning to grow flowers then you have to show some special care for their growth in winters.  For the good growth and health plant need proper sunlight. Without the sunlight, it will not remain green and healthy for a long time. So, place your flower pot on the right place and also check the compost on a regular basis because without proper care it will get dry. There are a lot of online florists too, who can bring fresh flowers to your home, but if you are planning to grow some beautiful flowers in the winter season but confused that what you should grow then we are going to share a list of winter flowers and this will surely help you to choose flowers for perfect flower bouquet delivery in Mumbai.

Alyssum in Winter in India:sweet alyssum flower in india

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zodiac signs flowers

Meaning of Flower Zodiac Signs

Zodiac flower signs and astrological zodiac signs have something in common. These easy flowers in Hyderabad, India are also seen as a method to discover ourselves a little more.

Zodiac Flower Signs and Their Meanings

HoneysuckleHoneysuckle flower meaning

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Did you hear about flowers for your kitchen? Flowers are for love. Flowers are to express feelings. Flowers are for food! Yes, what you have heard is right because edible flowers can give your recipes a quirky, tasty and sumptuous feel! Moreover, rather than adding preservatives for the color and flavor to the food, you can use flowers for the kitchen that are organic, rich in antioxidants and offer remedial measures as well.  In fact, using flowers and plants in cooking has been prevalent in India, Nepal, and China since times immemorial. If you aren’t used to the idea of using flowers for food, it might take you some time to acquire the taste of certain herbs and kitchen flowers.  Here is a list of some flowers that you can introduce to your kitchen and grow in your backyard.

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Flowers express your emotions and best wishes in the best way possible. The times when you fumble for the words or feel that the words can’t do justice to your heartfelt emotions and feelings, flowers come to the rescue and let you have your way to your special someone’s heart in the easiest manner possible! Flowers can help you express your best wishes, and love which words fail to express. The times when you have to express your condolences and you really don’t know what to say, even then flowers come to your rescue. Be it happiness, sadness or the times when you would like to make even the routine of the moment special, flowers come handy. These freshest and finest of the flowers are the reason to look forward to your special occasion.origins1

Thanks to the digital technology, like your food and bill payments, flower industry is online too! You can order flowers and cakes online from the comfort of your home and office, either from laptop or mobile.

The perks of online flower delivery by Gurgaon City Florist don’t just stop here! Read on to know what you are in for when your order flowers online!

  1. When you order flowers with the leading flower website, City Florist, you have an endless assortment of flowers at your fingertips. Moreover, the website categorizes flowers on the basis of occasions, budget and flower types. If you aren’t sure about the choice of the recipient or which flowers will go with the ceremony, don’t fret! Because you have a wide assortment of flowers waiting at your fingertips that is segregated for your convenience. You don’t have to be a walking encyclopedia on flowers because the expert florists have already done that for you! Browse through and order your favorite flowers within a few clicks.Valentines-flowers-tulips

  2. Doorsteps delivery: One of the best parts of ordering flowers online is to get doorsteps delivery across India! Regardless of where you are based and what postal code your loved ones are residing at, you can order flowers online for your family, relatives and well-wishers on their special occasions. If you can’t make it to their special occasions, don’t fret it over and book flowers online for them! Thanks to the strong logistics channels deployed by Local City Flowers, spot-on delivery is the forte of the team. Giving you the flowers as and when and right where you want!

  3. Ice Vans and Personalized Hand Delivery: Local City Flowers deploys state-of-the-art ice vans to ensure pristine delivery of your gift packages. Whether you have ordered from the assortment of cakes online or your choice is the fresh flower bouquet, the delivery is always made by the experienced staff and is always a hand delivery. This means that you not only order the finest and freshest of the blooms or cakes, you get them in the best shape as well. Ice vans keep them in tact during the transition and against the odds of weather.

  4. Flexible Payment Methods: Even in this time of demonetization and cash crunch, don’t let anything stop you from surprising your loved ones and give them the surprise of their life time. Avail flexible payment methods introduced by Local City Flowers to order flowers or cakes online. You can still make every moment special and special moments, all the way more special! You can choose to make payment via debit card, credit card or net banking. The site is secured and utilizes SSL encryption to safeguard you potential security threats such as data tampering, forgery and hacking.

  5. Flexible Delivery Modes: What’s the point of online flower delivery when you don’t have a say in the delivery schedules? So, to let you have the freedom of deciding the delivery, here are the three flexible delivery modes to choose from! Standard Delivery is the routine delivery mode that lets you schedule the delivery after the next 24 hour of placing the order. Same Day Delivery lets you arrange the delivery on the same day of your order. It is the perfect option for people who tend to forget or are looking for last-minute gift option. You should also go for it if you want to give a pleasant surprise to your loved ones in the real time. Similarly, for birthdays and anniversaries when you just can’t seem to wait for another day to happen and want to surprise them with a gorgeous flower arrangement or beautiful gift, go for Midnight Delivery Mode. Midnight Delivery schedules your gift package for sharp at 12am in the midnight!

  6. One-Stop Destination: Not just flowers and cakes online, the online flower shop is the one-stop destination to the gifts online as well. If you are looking for customized and personalized gifts online for Diwali, Eid, Christmas and New Year, just check out the wide assortment! Just a few clicks and you can order gifts online that are at part both in terms of quality and choice! Along with that, you get doorsteps delivery and the same perks you get to avail and enjoy when you shop flowers online.

  7. Corporate Flower Delivery: Corporate houses these days are leaving no stone unturned to make their employees feel special, value and motivated. Apart from the activities organized by the HR, one of the ideas deployed by them is corporate flower delivery on the birthdays and anniversaries of their employees. This small gesture helps the team to stay motivated and make them feel connected with the office and its vision.
    Apart from this, you can also avail the services of expert team for office plantscaping and monthly flower delivery for the reception, events, boardroom meetings and business associates. These services come with the perks like free shipping option and exclusive ‘value- for- money’ deals!

So, don’t wait and be the reason someone smiles today! With endless assortment, doorsteps delivery, pocket-friendly prices and gift packages, it is easier than ever to complement the special occasion and surprise your loved ones without breaking your budget!

Giving flowers on Valentines Day is a time honored tradition. It is an easy way to express your affection for the recipient. Not sure what kind of flowers to send? Use the following information as a guide to picking the perfect floral bouquet for your special someone.1412052355

Rainbow Roses

Sending the classic bouquet of red roses is boring. Women like roses of all colors. Cheerful in design a dozen rainbow roses is both elegant an sophisticated. It is also an ideal choice if you are sending the roses to someone other than your significant other like your best friend or mother. Read More →

The tradition of using Christmas trees evolved with the Germans and spread with different fractions of those people migrating to other parts of the world. However, the type of tree and its decorations vary significantly among different areas, depending on the local environment and décor items available. Thus, Christmas trees used in some parts of the world for the celebration of the occasion are discussed below.


Germany is known to be the place where Christmas tree was used for the first time, which spread to other parts of the world with the Germans. Nowadays, the mother decorates the Tannenbaum secretly with ornaments, lights and tinsel, which is lit and then revealed on the day of celebration to the family with gifts, nuts and cookies placed under its branches. Read More →

bridal-bouquets-wedding-flowers-bouquet-ideas-1Weddings are synonymous accompanied with flowers delivering different meanings for different people. In weddings during the early Roman times, brides were made to carry herbs to ensure the faithfulness and fertility and deflect evil their veils. The ivy had been in use in Greece as a symbol of enduring love. In marriages in England, the bride, bridesmaid and the flower girls carry flowers as a vital element of the ceremony. Thus, flowers have always served as an integral part of weddings, indicating chastity, love, loyalty and beauty. One can also present a beautiful arrangement of flowers as a marriage gift to express the joy over the celebration of love and happiness. Though, many different flowers have gained a preferable spot for use in marriage ceremonies than others, where a few commonly used ones are discussed below.


This is a tropical flower that comes with heart shaped blooms of bright colors. As compared to other flowers like the bird of paradise or ginger, Anthurium is lighter in weight and smaller in size. During weddings, these are commonly used as hair flowers, corsages and boutonnieres as well as bridal bouquets with or without other flowers, making a lovely display.

These flowers are available in different colors, including orange, peach, deep purple, cream, pistachio, burgundy, lavender, white or pink with green edges, bright white and many more. Due to their lifespan of around 6 weeks, they make an excellent choice for wedding flowers in Pune city. Read More →

21st-Birthday-Party-DecorationsBalloons have an ability to transform an event of celebration into a wonderful party. You can also take the advantage of adding these affordable and perfect items of decoration to enhance the charm of a party. Since every house is built with different architectural features and a distinct design, you are free to use them with your imagination and add flair to your party with balloon decorations. However, the use of balloon based on the unique theme for a birthday party can add a special effect to your celebration. So, in order to spice up your birthday party, you must choose from a myriad of exclusive decoration ideas, out of which a few are discussed in this article

Welcome Message at The Entrance

The use of flowers and other décor materials is commonly observed with parties, where balloons can add a special touch to the adornment. You can use multi-coloured balloons to make the gate and entrance path appear brighter and display a welcome message for all your guests. The whole decoration can be made with the use of balloons or by combining flowers and other decorative items with them. Read More →

Bridesmaid flowers 1Flowers are one of the few elements that make a wedding complete and whole, because honestly, a wedding without flowers is just plain boring. The bride and groom spend months and months to plan their perfect day, and to make it the most memorable day of their lives, but in doing so, they need to consider a lot of things. These include the needs and wants of the families, and the bridesmaids and the groom’s men. Whatever is planned needs to be in accordance to all these people as they are much a part of your wedding as you are. The question being discussed here is that what would you do if one of your bridesmaids were allergic to flowers? You can’t just not have flowers, and you can’t ask her to not be a part of your wedding. There, however are alternate solutions to this problem. Read More →

attract the bees and butterfliestMost of the flowering plants round the world attract the bees and butterflies for pollination. The pollen grains are pollinated by them from one plant to the other, in this way they help in the germination process. The brightly colored flowers attract these insects very much in groups to carry out the reproductive process of the plants. All types of terrestrial plants adapt this pollen germination process for the reproduction in the flowering plants. Some very special brightly colored flowers attract the insects for this germination process in gardens and also in forests. Read More →

First-date-flowersOur hearts possess numerous emotions, some we know of and some of them are alien to us. We tend to lead a busy, but our life has a few occasions to celebrate those emotions. We wrap our warmth, affection and offer it to our loved ones. Every holiday ritual cannot be concluded with giving gifts. It is best known as a token of love and tenderness, and special days always need special treats, are not they? Here are a few occasions reference from MayaFlowers and the gift idea to go with it. Read More →

corporate flowers

corporate flowers

In the corporate sectors people are keener observer of the non-verbal communication and cues. Every object around you communicates something to you, the furniture and the set up of the furniture, flooring and wall papers, all of them. These objects allow you to construct an image or perception of your own. Another important communicator in corporate sectors is flowers. Read More →