Bridesmaid flowers 1Flowers are one of the few elements that make a wedding complete and whole, because honestly, a wedding without flowers is just plain boring. The bride and groom spend months and months to plan their perfect day, and to make it the most memorable day of their lives, but in doing so, they need to consider a lot of things. These include the needs and wants of the families, and the bridesmaids and the groom’s men. Whatever is planned needs to be in accordance to all these people as they are much a part of your wedding as you are. The question being discussed here is that what would you do if one of your bridesmaids were allergic to flowers? You can’t just not have flowers, and you can’t ask her to not be a part of your wedding. There, however are alternate solutions to this problem.Bridesmaid flowers 2

Firstly, you could consider using artificial flowers. Artificial flowers, although less aesthetically appealing to some as real flowers, have a lot of leverage over them. They are definitely cheaper, and can help lower the budget a lot more, leaving extra money to go elsewhere. Moreover, these flowers can be customized in whichever way you like, and can be made to look really pretty, and will also look exactly what you want your flowers to look like. You can go really creative with these, with the designs and the colors, and they wont exceed your budget.Bridesmaid flowers 3

Conversely, if you are not a fan of artificial flowers, you can consider using flowers that do not trigger any allergies, e.g. pollen free flowers. A lot of flowers are available that do not contain pollen, and the rest can be made pollen free by cutting out the anther and the stamens. Pollen free flowers include roses, hydrangeas, begonias etc.
Roses are an all time favorite for all occasions and ceremonies, due to their versatility and beauty. Available in red, pink, white and yellow, you can use any or all of those in accordance to what you want and how you want it. Hydrangeas too, with their wide range of colors can be experimented with, and with their big pollen, there is no danger of an allergic reaction. Begonias are also allergy friendly, and can be used in your wedding bouquets very beautifully and creatively.
Therefore, your bridesmaid’s allergy is not an issue, as you have a lot of other options to play with, and you should.

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