What is the first thing that you think of when you have to buy a gift for someone?  In most cases, the answer would be flowers. And, why not, they make for the perfect gift irrespective of the occasion. It is not a recent trend. From time immemorial, flowers have brought happiness and pleasure to people all over the world. They manage to transcend the gap and seem to be speaking the language of love.  

History of flowers in India

Flowers have been integral part of the Indian geography as well as culture. Thanks to the varied geography and climate, a large variety of flowers are found in the country. This had also found a way in the lifestyle of the people, be it for religious ceremonies, for decoration and as jewellery. Ancient Indian literature is also full of stories mentioning flowers and their significance and use in various rituals.

These days people are sending flowers to Goa and similarly flowers to Gurgaon, It has become easy to make flower delivery in Mumbai.

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