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The Carnation is used for various medical reasons as an ailment to various diseases and disorders. The alluring fragrance of the Carnation is used in Perfumes, lotions, soaps and other products.

The Carnation – A Medicine

The petals of the Carnation hold immense medicinal values are used commonly for the below:

  • To protect the body from poisoning and rashes.
  • To ease muscle cramps and spasms.
  • To improve the heart conditions and health.
  • Increase in production of sweat and to calm the sensory organs and reduce anxiety.
  • Stomach related problems like constipation.
  • Kidney and Bladder Diseases.

Cultivation and Birth

The Carnation Plant blooms the flower of love with a heavenly spicy clove-like fragrance and taste. The Carnation Plan has long stems and with big flower heads which are blooming in customized greenhouses with sufficient light. Carnations are easy to grow and bloom in the deepest colours during cold climate.

Carnations grow in well-drained soil with moderate alkaline content. They cannot grow with wet roots and hence the soil needs to be dried well and overwatering needs to be avoided.

The Looks of a Carnation

Carnations are either single or double flowered. The double flowered Carnations have petals overlapping each other which give them 20111109125913_10the fullness of their appearance however Single Flowered Carnations grow with lesser petals.

Carnation Plants are about 3 different types namely sprayed, Large and Dwarf. The spray types bloom with a cluster of flowers. The Large Type consists of one single flower on a stem which is most commonly used in decorations. The Dwarf Type has many flowers on one single stem.

Carnations are easy to grow is one of the most commonly grown flowers in the world. It’s adored for its history, beauty and fragrance. Many countries use Carnations to symbolize love and adoration and it is also the national flower of Spain. The essence and the allure of this flower gets one closer to the beauty of Mother Nature and the peace that we can find in her sweet surrender.  Carnations are used to cure psychological stress and its essence has the strength to soothe emotions and relish the true fruits that life has blessed us with.



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