timthumb.php1Carnation Trivia

Some interesting facts about these flowers:

These are native Eurasian flowers.

First account of carnation usage is found in Greek and Roman scriptures, as used by them in their garlands and crowns.

They have been growing as a commercial crop from as long as 1954.

They have long life while blooming, and even after they are cut, these flowers tend to sustain for longer periods of time, as compared to any other flower.

Carnations are the official flowers for Mother’s day, as they specially represent a mother’s pure love for her children.

They are even edible and have a very sweet taste.

It’s the birth flower for all of those born in January.

For over 400 years, carnations are even used to add flavour to different liquors, beers and wines

There are few selective colours of carnations, which cannot be cultivated commercially and are only found in wild.

These flowers are official flowers of many states and countries.

The fact that these flowers have been popular and are able to sustain for more than 2000 years is a testament in itself, of the resilience and popularity of the flower. There is something about this flower, which pulls you to itself; the natural charm, classic beauty and lovely aroma; it all makes this flower completely irresistible.

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