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attract the bees and butterfliestMost of the flowering plants round the world attract the bees and butterflies for pollination. The pollen grains are pollinated by them from one plant to the other, in this way they help in the germination process. The brightly colored flowers attract these insects very much in groups to carry out the reproductive process of the plants. All types of terrestrial plants adapt this pollen germination process for the reproduction in the flowering plants. Some very special brightly colored flowers attract the insects for this germination process in gardens and also in forests. Read More →

Uses of Flower in Ayurvedic

ayurvedic flowersFlowers and their Medicinal properties and uses

Rose:Rose speaks to magnificence, adoration and love. Apart from blessing us with a charming aroma, Rosewater ready from rose blossoms is utilized as eye-drops to keep away all eye related diseases. Gulkand produced out of rose cures ulcers of the stomach. The powder of dried flower petals goes about as magnificent purgatives. Read More →