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Bridesmaid flowers 1Flowers are one of the few elements that make a wedding complete and whole, because honestly, a wedding without flowers is just plain boring. The bride and groom spend months and months to plan their perfect day, and to make it the most memorable day of their lives, but in doing so, they need to consider a lot of things. These include the needs and wants of the families, and the bridesmaids and the groom’s men. Whatever is planned needs to be in accordance to all these people as they are much a part of your wedding as you are. The question being discussed here is that what would you do if one of your bridesmaids were allergic to flowers? You can’t just not have flowers, and you can’t ask her to not be a part of your wedding. There, however are alternate solutions to this problem. Read More →

floral2Flowers as the mode of home decoration are used in the home interior. Along with flowers, boxes, vases and bouquets are also used to increase the beauty even more. Apart from natural flowers, artificial flowers, silk flowers also find their places as the home décor component. The flower box is one of the most popular methods of flower décor of the present days. Read More →

Different Style of Housescontemporary-bedroom

  • The first style of house that comes to our mind is traditional house that has architectures like foyers, large doors and different rooms. Rooms are generally bigger in size and plenty of spaces available in this type of houses. Rooms are generally furnished with antique furniture in this type of house. Antiques covered in brocade, silk and tapestry is quite common in traditional houses.  Carnations, gladioli, roses, lilies and snapdragon are the perfect flowers for decorating traditional houses. They are best suited with these types of houses. For making it more vibrant, placed these flowers in silver, crystal, porcelain and brass vases.stylemeprettycp
  • The second type that resembles today’s generation is modern contemporary houses. They are nicely designed and have clean, smooth surfaces and lines. Material likes steel, glass; elegant fabrics, synthetic materials and leathers are generally used in theses type of houses. Majority of the population live in these types of houses. They are the representative of modern time construction. If you want to decorate these types of houses with flowers, try to choose flowers that resemble contemporary time. Flowers like orchids, callas, helliconia and anthuriums are the way to go. It will definitely add more beauty to your house. For getting enhanced effect, display these flowers in metallic holder, decorative pottery or frosted glasses in your house.grapevine-centerpiece
  • If you are living in Victorian style home, flowers like roses. Peonies, lavender and freesias are ideal for decoration of your house. Victorian style of house is generally more romantic type of house than others. So, you should also choose flowers that symbolize love. Gardenias in peach, pale pink and lavender are also best suited in this type of house.
  • The fourth type of house is causal living houses. Furniture made from light pine, natural woods and bleached oak are found in these types of houses. This type of houses symbolizes simplicity with beauty. Flowers that go well with this them are cyclamen, ivy or photos etc.
  • Among the popular style of houses, American country is the last decorated with metals bowls and wooden crates. For this type of house, yarrow, scabiosa and yarrow are ideal flowers for decoration.  For looking it more beautiful and gorgeous, placed it natural fibre baskets along with swags, herbs and wreaths via Ansari florist in Pune city.

So, whatever be the style, flower is the way for decoration of your house.

florist-designer010The first step of flower designing

The first step that need to be taken in flower designing technique depends upon the arrangement you are making for, like if you are to make a bouquet you have to start with foam but if arrangement is for a vase then pick up the container. Thee flower holders in a bouquet are very important. The foam is wet in water, and then the stems of the flowers are buried in them, so that a continuous source of water is provided to the flowers to remain alive and fresh. If not this then containers must be your choice. In bouquet the container could be anything that you wish your bouquet to be looking like. In a bouquet the container could be a basket with foam at its base, while in a vase the container could be just anything that is capable of holding water. Choose the container on the basis of arrangement you want to give to the flowers. If you want the flowers to be getting a small cozy bush type look, its suggested to use small round pots, but if you have long stems and you want to have a taller arrangement with sparse flowers, look for thin neck tall vases.

Now when your vessel is decided, get in action and clean it up very carefully with on leave or petal left inside. Next fill the vase with fresh water at room temperature and add some flower food to it. If your vase is tall, try to tie the flowers together just above the height of the vase. Cut the stems in proper length and angle so that they could live longer in the vase.

Stuffing the flowers in vase

If you have just randomly stuffed your vase with flowers, there are chances that it may look like wild bush of grasses and berries. What you should be doing is that make the arrangement according to the color. The flowers on the basis of color contrast are arranged best. The bigger and dominant flowers are suggested to be kept first, so that they appear catchy. Also they should be placed at different angles so that full vase or bouquet appear even. Use the foliage to cover up the gaps, or you can be using small pretty flowers for the job.

Your flower designing is done Brocade-Spotlight2010-1

The last step of flower designing is to pick out the pollen stamens from the bases. By doing this we can assure that the pollens won’t be discoloring the petals, neither there are any stains going to be coming up. The flower’s life is also extended by removing pollens, as the flower will be prevented from becoming pollinated.

By following these simple flower designing techniques, you can add to the beauty of your place through magnificent flowers.

flower arranging tipsArranging some flowers in a vase is one of the most pleasant domestic chores, because it is pretty soothing, and the end result is a true delight to the eye and senses, not to mention the fact that it freshens the room. At first glance flower arrangement may seem easy, but the truth is that it also has its own rules.

Choice of flowers

Before you embark on the arrangement of flower compositions, you should choose the right flowers first. The decision you take depends on several factors:

  • The interior of your home

Take into account what the prevailing colours and patterns in your home are, and where exactly you plan to put the flowers. For example, a smaller vase won’t look very well on a big table, but will look amazing on a neat coffee table.

There are flower compositions based only on the variations of one colour only. On the other hand, you can experiment by selecting some colours according to their position on the colour wheel, and of course, don’t neglect your personal preferences. Read More →

Designer FlowersFlowers are delicate, fresh and colourful plants that look beautiful and are found anywhere and everywhere. These are one of the best creations of god. Flowers have a varied use among people. Not only are they used as decorative items during various festive occasions and celebrations, like marriage, festivals, but are also used to offer homage to god and the people who are no more in this world. Flowers add colour and brightness to life. Each and every flower denotes and expresses various emotions. Flowers help to express sorrow, happiness, depth of relationships, etc. Hence, they are the best things that one can make use of.

Not all flowers are the same and each of them has their own importance. Hence, they cannot be substituted with others. But, the way of presentation of these flowers is also important for people to understand. Florists and experts in this field can help the people to understand this thing better. There are many people who look forward to maintain and decorate their houses. They can consider decorating their houses with colorful and bright flowers of their choice. Not only beautiful, antique and decorative items and wall paintings add to the beauty of the house, but flowers do the most. Read More →

Spectacular Flower Festivals Around the World


Festivals of the flowers are a timeless colourful celebration and a day, full of sweet fragrance and a touch of spring. Most Flower Festivals are during the spring, when they become a part of greeting the spring in an euphoric and cheerful way.

Featuring freshness, diversity and splendour, Flower Festivals always manage to capture every heart in the cheerful rhythm of the march. Colours, aromas and sounds spread along the streets of the city just like a magic blanket, and stimulate all senses, filling our soul with euphoria and joy. This feeling can not be described. Check now the most famous Flower Festivals around the world.

Flower Garden

The Flower Festival in Lisse, The Netherlands

 Every year in early spring there is the traditional Flower Festival in Belgium and the Netherlands. These festivals usually follow a certain route, theme and even a script. The largest outdoor flower garden in the world – Keukenhof, is located in the Dutch town Lisse. The garden is open only in the spring when tulips bloom and becomes part of the 40-mile route of the annual Flower Festival in this part of the country.

Known as the Garden of Europe, Keukenhof is the largest botanical garden in the Netherlands with an area of more than 32 hectares and with more than 7 million flowers planted in it. The Flower Festival Parade goes on its central lane. The procession includes about twenty large platforms with staggering flower compositions and more than thirty luxury decorated cars. You can literally spend the whole day at the festival. Either you will combine your tour around the garden with the traditional parade, or you will join it from another location – the choice is all yours. Read More →

2gkc3tj0zoGerbera belongs to the family of Sunflowers. It was named after the German Botanist Traugott Gerber. It is mostly found in Africa, Asia, Indonesia and South America. It actually looks like a daisy which is why they are also called as Gerbera daisies. They are found in two sizes which are different from each other. Out of the two sizes one is called the standard size and the other is miniature size. Read More →

Some of the principles involved in floral design techniques are as follows:

  •  Proportion: there should be an eye-pleasing ratio between shape and sizes of flowers and other ornaments being used in the arrangement.
  •  Balance: should be attained between the weight and the harmony of the entire structure.
  •  Dominance: deciding which part of the arrangement would be emphasized and would catch attention.