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India is a land of diversity with many states and each state having diverse cultures. India is a beautiful country gifted by the nature with many assets. One of the most notable gifts India has is flowers and greenery. India houses a lot many varieties of flowers with beautiful colours that make the country colourful. Flowers have much significance. Flowers can make anyone happy and make lives of people more pleasant with their delicate fragrances. Flowers are dear to everyone, especially to the ladies. Flowers are quiet often compared to babies and kids as flowers are also as delicate as babies and kids. There are tons of varieties of flowers in India, and each flower is believed to have different significances, conveying different messages to people.

Flowers and Indians:

Indians has a great liking towards flowers and they make it a point to include flowers in their lives as much as they can. Flowers are thus used very widely for different occasions and also for decorative purposes.

India is a land with many festivals. There are numerous states in the country and there are different festivals for each of these countries. Festivals are one of the greatest witnesses for the extensive use of flowers. Flowers are used for decorations during the festivals. One can see flowers anywhere they go during a festival. One such example is Onam, which is the festival of Kerala. Onam is celebrated using lots of flowers. People make a floral pattern on the ground called Athapookalam using different coloured flowers during this festival.

People also decorate their homes with flowers on the occasion of some Pujas. Another great example is the Indian weddings where the bride gets beautified by clipping beautiful strands of flowers to her hair. Also, the entire venue where the wedding is taking place is decorated using different coloured flowers. This is a very pleasing scene and doubles the joy of the occasion.

People also consider flowers to be a great offering they can give to the God. In temples, offering flowers to the deity is a very well-known custom and is still being followed by people. There are some specific types of flowers that are offered to different Gods based on their likings.

But today due to advancement of technology the floral industry have also got an ease of flower arrangement. It is no more time-consuming to arrange flowers. One among such technology is the water absorbing foam. Due to this technology individual will feel as if they are holding fresh flower in their hand. Thus, the fresh flowers can easily be preserved for a long time.