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bridal-bouquets-wedding-flowers-bouquet-ideas-1Weddings are synonymous accompanied with flowers delivering different meanings for different people. In weddings during the early Roman times, brides were made to carry herbs to ensure the faithfulness and fertility and deflect evil their veils. The ivy had been in use in Greece as a symbol of enduring love. In marriages in England, the bride, bridesmaid and the flower girls carry flowers as a vital element of the ceremony. Thus, flowers have always served as an integral part of weddings, indicating chastity, love, loyalty and beauty. One can also present a beautiful arrangement of flowers as a marriage gift to express the joy over the celebration of love and happiness. Though, many different flowers have gained a preferable spot for use in marriage ceremonies than others, where a few commonly used ones are discussed below.


This is a tropical flower that comes with heart shaped blooms of bright colors. As compared to other flowers like the bird of paradise or ginger, Anthurium is lighter in weight and smaller in size. During weddings, these are commonly used as hair flowers, corsages and boutonnieres as well as bridal bouquets with or without other flowers, making a lovely display.

These flowers are available in different colors, including orange, peach, deep purple, cream, pistachio, burgundy, lavender, white or pink with green edges, bright white and many more. Due to their lifespan of around 6 weeks, they make an excellent choice for wedding flowers in Pune city. Read More →

Bridesmaid flowers 1Flowers are one of the few elements that make a wedding complete and whole, because honestly, a wedding without flowers is just plain boring. The bride and groom spend months and months to plan their perfect day, and to make it the most memorable day of their lives, but in doing so, they need to consider a lot of things. These include the needs and wants of the families, and the bridesmaids and the groom’s men. Whatever is planned needs to be in accordance to all these people as they are much a part of your wedding as you are. The question being discussed here is that what would you do if one of your bridesmaids were allergic to flowers? You can’t just not have flowers, and you can’t ask her to not be a part of your wedding. There, however are alternate solutions to this problem. Read More →

wedding-flowers1Gorgeous Wedding Bouquets – What Style Suits You

Traditionally, the bride will hold the wedding bouquet while walking down the aisle. A collection of beautiful flowers, wedding bouquet not only looks and smells beautiful but also helps in setting the colour theme. Adding little clusters of pink and white flowers to your bouquet will complement your country wedding theme, whereas using a viburnum berry will add extra romance to your bouquet. What type of bouquet is perfect for me and which bouquet would be best for my wedding theme are just a few questions that will undeniably pop-up your mind, when picking a wedding bouquet as these play an eternal part of your wedding.

As a bride, you have no shortage of choices. From country chic bouquets to floral fancy options, there are plenty of flowers that you can blend in with your theme and colour scheme. But, it is essential to have information about the factors that will make a difference to bouquet shape that suits you and your theme.

Biedermeier Bouquet

This is a European-influenced bouquet, which appears like a blossoming bull’s-eye once composed. Its dramatic beauty and contrast will surely add a little extra fragrance to your wedding. To browse a list of classic wedding bouquets, you can check out Hayford and Rhodes. Read More →

weddingcake3Happy wedding season folks!

From years, wedding invitations sent and received by us that play a role of messenger to announce date and timing of biggest celebration of life and also appeals to join the event at scheduled time. Wedding cards are well designed notes favored by bride and groom and designs illustrate fabulous performance of card makers who are putting their heart out to craft a unique pattern that will deeply fall in eyes of guests when they receive it personally from sender.  What you expect from wedding invitations and how significant is it to pick out a different design from previously received one as you want to make an impact with your innovative idea that will reach its destination and your guests will WOW afterwards.

History of wedding invitations cards

In middle ages and before “Town Crier” used to announce wedding celebration of particular person in the locality where supposed guests are invited and it will deliver a loud message to attend wedding on mentioned date and time. Calligraphy made it possible to hand-craft wedding invitations and it became an integral practice followed by everyone.  It was an era devoted to hand-written Read More →

winter weddingGetting married in the winter can be a lovely romantic experience. Imagine the white snow, the beautiful cosy winter atmosphere, the wonderful wedding decoration and your most beloved people adding a wonderful vibe to this incredible moment. But there is a small problem – flowers don’t do well with cold weather. Low temperature can kill your flowers and ruin one of the most important details of your wedding. However, just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have beautiful flowers at your wedding. There is a choice of seasonal flowers that you can find and also tips on how to keep your flowers alive longer for your winter wedding.

Permanent Flowers

These are artificial flowers that are a great way to decorate your outdoor wedding and not worry that they will freeze before you’ve said your vows. You can find on the market some very well-made artificial flowers that look exactly like real ones and they will definitely do the job and create a lovely atmosphere. It’s guaranteed that many people won’t even notice the flowers are not real.

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wedding2Weddings are an essential part for people. They normally occur once in life and for this reason people want to make this memorable day unforgettable.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, especially if you want to get married during winter. The cold days of this season don’t really make for a romantic atmosphere, but it can still be very beautiful and extraordinary.

Are you about to get married this winter? Have you chosen the flowers yet? In this article we provide for you a list of the latest trends in wedding flowers this year. If you want to be up-to-date, you had better keep reading.

Flowers play an important role in your wedding so don’t underestimate them. Choosing the right ones that will fit your dress and the premises is a must. Read More →

weddingWedding is the time when two hearts unite and are bounded for all the life to come. It is not just an auspicious occasion but a very special one at that. This a day which is etched in memory of the people getting married for all the time to come and as such everything must be simply perfect for this day. The perfect wedding cannot be made possible without the setting of the right ambiance and there can never be a grand and pompous setting as is the of weddings without flowers. From the gate through which the bridegroom enters to the altar where the wedding takes place every place must be decked up with flowers apt and in accordance with the theme of the wedding.


Every flower used must be harmonious with the effect desired to be produced and be subtle and smooth at the same time. Such flowers must be selected which depict elegance and beauty and at the same time are bright and stylish. A preference to fresh flowers is generally given while choosing the type of flower for the purpose of wedding as it portrays a fresh and clean ambience which increases the sanctity of the event. Not only the selection of the wedding flowers but the right selection of designs is also of utmost importance to make sure that the wedding hall looks picture perfect. Read More →

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orange cake

Even though wedding cakes were never a part of a traditional Indian wedding, but in this fast changing society it is becoming fairly prevalent owing to the fact that western customs quite frequently get infused into the Indian wedding celebrations. Come to think of it, wedding cakes are one of the best ways of infusing western style into a totally Indian style wedding.

outdoor gate decoration

Leave it to A1CityFlowers to create a gorgeous wedding theme. LOVE it! Look here this Orange and Grey Wedding Cake – Wedding cake for a orange and grey themed wedding. The scrollwork is done with a cake cricut. Read More →

bridal bouquet Did you know that flowers have been used in wedding ceremonies since the dawn of time as an expression of love and only the best wishes to both the newly-weds and the guests of the wedding.

The ancient Greeks were the first ones, who have actually used wedding flowers in their ceremonies. They used them for making a decoration for the bride’s head such as a crown or a diadem and were considered a gift of nature. Usually, it was the bridesmaids who would make the floral decoration of the entire wedding, including garlands, the bridal bouquet and the boutonnière for the groom.

Nowadays, the wedding business is so well-developed that there is a great variety of flowers on the market – both fresh and silk ones. Today, one of the most current global fashion trends when it comes to bridal bouquets is using not only fresh, but also artificial and silk flowers, as well as some flowers made of other fabrics or even paper. Read More →

For every type of wedding, flowers are really important. Today, people get pleasure in celebrating wedding occasion outdoor. Especially during the summer season, people wish to decorate the ambience with the spring flowers.

Look at our designs for a wedding decorations in Taj im Mumbai



With every change of weather, new collection of flowers gathers in the society, you can easily get pleasure in availing different types of flowers variety during the wedding occasion. The epitome symbol of love and affection is portrayed through the collection of flowers. Since they are mild, it is quite easy to bring smile on the face of the guests as well as the wedding couple on the particular occasion. Make your wedding memorable with A1 City Flowers.

wedding4Some of the latest designs present nowadays are:

  • Sweet peonies
  • Classic white
  • Mood  board
  • Pale pink floras


That’s is why people take these flower designs very seriously, flowers are generally used in weddings in following events:


  • Flowers for blessing ceremony
  • Flowers for wedding area
  • Flowers for “mandap” or dais
  • Flowers for garlands
  • Bridal bouquets
  • Table arrangements
  • Wedding hall, temple, church  or room decoration
  • Flowers for cake or to wear in your hair.

So now that you are aware of all the necessary arrangements you need to make to get the right flowers for your wedding, go ahead and make sure your decoration of flowers is one worth remembering.


FLO-04901_med_usaWedding is the most auspicious day of life and therefore, it is the prime objective to have perfect wedding arrangement. Right from the wedding gown to the food and from the procession to the wedding decoration; everything should be in order. Flowers are the integral part of the entire event and it is a phenomenal idea to adore the wedding place with cute and delicate flowers. Fresh flowers brings a feeling of bloom, purity and peace to the occasion.  Read More →