The tradition of using Christmas trees evolved with the Germans and spread with different fractions of those people migrating to other parts of the world. However, the type of tree and its decorations vary significantly among different areas, depending on the local environment and décor items available. Thus, Christmas trees used in some parts of the world for the celebration of the occasion are discussed below.


Germany is known to be the place where Christmas tree was used for the first time, which spread to other parts of the world with the Germans. Nowadays, the mother decorates the Tannenbaum secretly with ornaments, lights and tinsel, which is lit and then revealed on the day of celebration to the family with gifts, nuts and cookies placed under its branches.


Christmas tree came to Canada along with German migrants from the US during the 1700s, when they brought other things like cookies and gingerbread houses as well. Prince Albert, the German husband of Queen Victoria placed a tree in 1848 at the Windsor Castle, after which the tradition gained popularity across several parts of the Canada, USA and England.


The decoration in homes in Britain is done by the use of a traditional species, the Norway spruce, during the eve of Christmas. This species was a native of the British Isles prior to the last Ice Age, which got re-introduced before the period of 1500s.


In Brazil, the occasion of Christmas falls during the summer season, where pine trees are used. However, sometimes those are decorated with the use of small cotton pieces as a representation of the snow.


People buy Christmas trees during the month of December and decorate them with baubles, lights and tinsel. Some people use a star at the top, while others prefer using an angel, while ivy, holly, candles and garlands are used to decorate the house with mistletoe and wreaths hung on the door.


Catalonia is a popular custom followed by people in Spain, which is a lucky strike game. A trunk of the tree is filled with goodies like almonds, toffee, hazelnuts and other treats, which children try to knock out by hitting at them with their eyes covered by a cloth piece.

Saudi Arabia

All the people, including Christian Americans, Filipinos, Indians and others have to privately celebrate the occasion at their homes as lights are not tolerated. However, most of the families inconspicuously place trees somewhere in their house.


Only a small fraction of people celebrates Christmas in China, who use artificial trees with paper chains, lanterns, flowers and spangles used for decoration. The trees used here are also referred to as the ‘trees of light’.


No trees are found alive at this point on the earth, so people use imported Christmas trees for celebration, where bright ornaments and candles are used to decorate them.

Thus, from the first Christmas tree in Germany, this tradition has evolved across all the parts of the world due to different climatic conditions, rules and availability of décor items. However, this event is celebrated with whole joy and true enthusiasm worldwide.

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