artificial flowersMost of us have artificial flowers and plants at home. We use them as decoration in places where real ones are not appropriate. These accessories accumulate dust just like the other household items and furniture and therefore need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Depending on the material that artificial items are made from, there are various ways to give them a proper and efficient wash.

How to clean artificial flowers and plants? Most of the time if the amount of dust is lower, they can be easily washed. See several techniques. First we provide the simpler ones.

#1 Fast cleaning

  • Use a feather duster to dust artificial plants.
  • Use a hairdryer to blow off the dust.
  • Or you can try removing the dust using a vacuum cleaner. Be careful not to vacuum the plants too hard.
  • Another method is to wipe the flowers with a dampened cloth or rag. Cotton swabs will work as well.

These techniques can work but they cannot help reach some areas. Apart from this, they also stir dust into the air. If don’t want this to happen you can use special artificial flower sprays.

#2 Using sprays

They work out on silk flowers. Their formula ensures that the dust is dissolved on contact. They are also very easy to use. All you artificial flowersneed to do is apply spray on the plant. No wiping required.

Silk flower sprays are considered good and efficient, but there are people who warn that such cleaners may seal dust onto the plant instead of getting rid of it.

These products are inexpensive. Their price varies from $4 to $8 depending on the amount of the liquid offered.

#3 Compressed air

Other methods involve compressed air. You can find cans of compressed air in office stores.

#4 Using salt

Place the artificial flowers and plants in a bag full of coarse salt (you can also use kosher salt). For about a minute shake the bag. Salt acts like an abrasive and and removes grime and dust. When you finish the task, take out the artificial plants. Make sure you shake the remaining salt off.

#5 Using water and vinegar

If your artificial flowers can withstand a bit moisture, you can spray them with a solution of water and vinegar. In a spray bottle, Artificial-Plant-and-Flowersadd one part of distilled vinegar and one part of water. Shake the bottle. Apply on the flowers. No wiping is required. Just let them dry. You can put a towel under the plants. It will absorb drips.

#6 Using water and soap

Fill the sink with warm water (preferably room-temperature water). Add a little bit of dish soap. Gently rub the flowers and be careful not to be too harsh on them. Rinse with water and dry with a towel. Don’t let the plants soak in water for too long. This may harm them.

Some cleaning products may not be appropriate for cleaning artificial silk flowers. This is because the fabric of the plant may be too fragile. For example, if some parts of the plant are made of velvet, polyester or silk, you should consider well the use of chemically-based cleaning products, compressed air or water as a whole. What’s more, if the leaves were glued to their supports too much rubbing, soapy water or another cleaning product may loosen them. If you want to keep all the parts of artificial plants together, keep in mind these factors. Always be careful when washing each flower. Make sure you wash each stem separately.


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