bridal-bouquets-wedding-flowers-bouquet-ideas-1Weddings are synonymous accompanied with flowers delivering different meanings for different people. In weddings during the early Roman times, brides were made to carry herbs to ensure the faithfulness and fertility and deflect evil their veils. The ivy had been in use in Greece as a symbol of enduring love. In marriages in England, the bride, bridesmaid and the flower girls carry flowers as a vital element of the ceremony. Thus, flowers have always served as an integral part of weddings, indicating chastity, love, loyalty and beauty. One can also present a beautiful arrangement of flowers as a marriage gift to express the joy over the celebration of love and happiness. Though, many different flowers have gained a preferable spot for use in marriage ceremonies than others, where a few commonly used ones are discussed below.


This is a tropical flower that comes with heart shaped blooms of bright colors. As compared to other flowers like the bird of paradise or ginger, Anthurium is lighter in weight and smaller in size. During weddings, these are commonly used as hair flowers, corsages and boutonnieres as well as bridal bouquets with or without other flowers, making a lovely display.

These flowers are available in different colors, including orange, peach, deep purple, cream, pistachio, burgundy, lavender, white or pink with green edges, bright white and many more. Due to their lifespan of around 6 weeks, they make an excellent choice for wedding flowers in Pune city.

Birds of Paradise

The shape of this flower resembles a flying bird, where its leaves appear similar to the small banana leaves. A series of canoe like structures in red, purple and green colors called bracts along with 3 of each vivid blue petals and orange sepalswedding flowers make this flower. Out of three petals, to join together to form an arrowhead, while the third one forms a nectar at the flower’s base.

With long, strong and slender stem, these flowers look perfect when kept in large vases, where an impressive display can be made by grouping even three flowers together.

Calla Lily

Often used for wedding ceremonies, these flowers come with long stems of a magnificent size, ranging from 1-3 feet with flowers having an appearance of an arrowhead. The flowers are available in various colors, including purple, yellow, pink and orange.

An arm bouquet or a pageant is a popular design for bouquets made with these flowers, for which one can use either a single stem or can group 5-7 stems together. You can also wrap a wide satin ribbon around its stems and secure them with pearl corsage pins, where smaller flowers are used for making corsages and boutonnieres.


A tropical flower, available in a range of colors like white to bright red and lavender with pink tips, Ginger has long, thick and strong stems and appears supremely as a centerpiece in tall heavy vases. This flower can be found easily in grocery stores and can also be used in oriental cuisine, for medicinal use by making tea and as a spice. Along with these, ginger is also used in candles, lotions, soaps, perfume and soothing balms.


This flower is large in size and has very thick stems, resembling the claws of a lobster and is produced on drooping or erect and long panicles. Range of colors available includes deep red, fushia and bright orange for this flower, providing a great appearance with other flowers in huge arrangements or large heavy vases.


Being a tropical flower, orchids are used more often in traditional arrangements, where Cymbidium, Oncidium and Phalaenopsis are commonly used types. These flowers are available in different colors like pink, red, yellow, pale green, lavender and others, which are used in elegant arrangements and bridal bouquets. One can cut individual flowers and use them in corsages, boutonnieres and hair, while their appearance becomes more elegant when used with traditional flowers.


Due to their strong aroma, Gardenias are commonly used in corsages, bouquets and as floating flowers in shallow bowls. These flowers are costlier ones, which can live up to a period of 1 week with cut stems. One important point to be noted about these flowers is that they easily turn to brown when touched and hence, must be handled with proper care.


With a wide variety of available colors, Hydrangeas are an appropriate choice for centerpieces. However, these flowers are known to show bruising, signs and readily wilt when kept without water.


These flowers offers a sensual as well as soothing fragrance and are available during the early summer and spring seasons. They need a plenty of water for their survival and are sensitive to heat.

Thus, there are many flowers that have a special significance to the use for weddings. Thus, you must choose the one suitable for your wedding celebrations according to your personal preference as well as adapt to the environment.

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