If you have a favorite flower, it will be able to say a lot about you. Here are some popular flowers which can reveal a lot about you:flower designs

  • Daisy: Those of you who like Daisies then you are the person who loves to pay attention even to minute details and are in a way able to see the things which most people do not. You are also a very optimistic person. Since you have an upbeat attitude then working in a hospital could help brighten the days of people around you.
  • Carnation: Those of you who like this flower then you are the type of a person who has a down to earth attitude. You have lots of loyal and trusted friends. Asides from this you are also surround yourself with loved ones who are always seeking your guidance. As a lover of Carnations, you would make an excellent leader.
  • Iris: As a lover of the Iris flower, you are often bored with the regular mundane and enjoy creativity and vitality. You are rosesable to thrive in jobs where you are your own boss. As a person if you are interested in artistry or even in writing then you are happiest. A 9-5 job atmosphere is something which is completely wrong for you and your creative personality.
  • Rose: Those of you who love Roses will as friends will get the first call when something happens within your friend circle. In spite of yours being social and busy you crave to be alone at times and there are times when you feel shy when you are with others. As a husband or boyfriend you are looking to bring the best out for the women..
  • Lily: If you adore Lilies then people become drawn to you because you will be able to make them feel better about themselves by your nurturing ways. People who love Lilies will certainly make a great therapist. This is why you are able to feel at ease when you are solving everyone else’s troubles. You are a very caring person.

Roses, of course, have a deeper meaning according to their colors.


Yellow roses: They stand for gladness, joy, freedom and friendship.

Red roses: They stand for respect, love and courage.

White roses: They pertain to purity, reverence, innocence, or secrecy.

Pink roses: They act as symbols of appreciation, admiration and sympathy.

Orange roses: You send Orange Roses to express enthusiasm, fascination and desire.

So these are some of the things which your favorite flower says about you!

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