One of the most known flower essence therapy is the Bach Flower Therapy found out by Dr. Bach, which consists of 38 flower essences for therapy. Flower essences are used to heal emotional and mental problems. They impart us with the positive energy.  For centuries the flower essences are used to cure such mental and emotional difficulties. Bad experiences may have affected our lifestyle totally and the flower essence remedy can be used to neutral out the effects of such negative thoughts. The treatment brings emotional stability and stop negative thoughts.

Lifestyle changes

Living an unhealthy lifestyle is like promoting health problems. A lot of health and environmental problems are caused due to bad lifestyle. As we take health, smoking, lack of exercises, high stress from work, unhealthy diet, etc. causes a lot of health risks. Environmental cleanliness is an important factor as a lack of it results in many problems. In such cases a lifestyle change is absolutely necessary. To make a lifestyle change, make a plan first and then start doing it one by one. Ask help if necessary from a friend to help you stick to the plan you made. To reduce stress from work, use stress relieving factors like listening to music, taking vacation and making time for recreation, etc. Do breathing exercises, massages, meditation, etc. to relieve the stress and pressure.

Fashion changes

The new generation always wants to be different from their previous generation. They try to be different and it comes out as a new fashion. The changes in environment and society also have affected fashion changes over the last few decades. The view of people and society has changed and so has the fashion around them. The fashion has changed until the 90s and after that the fashion has been recycling with not many new changes. The old has become the new. The mental attitude of people has changed and this has shown in the clothing and accessories they wear. Another factor is that as years go by, the forward thinking increases and it shows up in the fashion trends emerging up.

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  1. Lovely flowers. The above photo is a cleyamcn and they are very lovely. I had one once, but my kitty got into it. Have a wonderful weekend.Hugs, LisaKay

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