100_Mixed_Roses_in_a_Tall_Glass_VaseThere is perhaps nothing as priceless as love in this universe. This can never be stressed enough however much it is said. Love alone is one of the most powerful of powers that has shaped the course of human history and made it what it is. It cannot be suppressed or tyrannized by any other power. It is a relentless force that never ceases to matter. Most importantly, love is an emotion that binds two people together for a whole life, something that perhaps no other thing in this universe can.

Manifesting Love

Love might be an abstract emotion but it has to be manifested in order to gain strength just as words are meaningless unless said. Love needs to be manifested as well. It needs to be shown outwardly in order for it to have any effect. Over the years many symbols have emerged that stood for the portrayal of love, there were several gestures too. Flowers have been associated with love for a long period of time. Flowers are a constant symbol of love and affection that is always greatly appreciated, in almost all the cultures across the world. They are a favourite among the ladies as well.

Flower as a Symbol

When it comes to relationship, dates are important as well. The important dates need to be remembered and celebrated. These include birthdays, anniversaries and other important events. Anniversaries especially are special occasions to commemorate the love which has bound the relationship together for so many years. And no anniversary would perhaps be complete without the gifting of flowers on anniversary.

Anniversaries and Relationships

Anniversaries are the big milestones of a relationship. They make one remember the commitment that one has made to a relationship that has made it last for the time that it has. There are different flowers that are recommended for commemorating the different stages in a marriage. One might of course go ahead and choose one that he likes. But different flowers speak differently.

Years of Marriage

wedding2A carnation should be a nice gift for the first year of the anniversary. It symbolizes the period of intense bliss that the first year is usually about. It is the time when love is the most passionate and engaging. A carnation says a lot, it is usually the conventional symbol for a year of wedded bliss.

The second year of togetherness is to be celebrated with a gift that speaks of the constant love that is embedded in one’s heart and that time has had no effect on it. The flower known as Lily of the Valley is usually chosen to represent this phase of the relationship, in which no matter what is going on around the world, nothing has changed between the two lovers.

There is always strife and struggle in every relationship. Every relationship does have its ups and its downs. However, moving ahead, one must always take the positives on his side and look at the brighter side of things. This is what helps a relationship grow and overcome hurdles that life throws at it. For looking at the brighter side of things, the sunflower is a powerful symbol and speaks much.

The fourth anniversary is a time for celebration for four years of togetherness and still going strong is no small achievement. If things are mellowing up a little than a wild dash of hydrangeas should be perfect to celebrate the fourth year of marriage and add to the colour and liveliness that might be a bit lacking after all these years. These flamboyant flowers should literally liven up the occasion.

bridal bouquetThe fifth year means that half a decade has passed since the time one was married. It is a milestone in its own way. Going earthy is recommended, t solemnly pray that the rest of the years pass in mutual love and bliss. Daisies are recommended to signify the soft warmth and tenderness of love that keeps our hearts tender and beautiful.

There is a flower for every year. For the sixth year, a calm serene ambience can be perfect to commemorate the occasion. A pretty bouquet of callas shall really go with the mood and create the ambience that would make one feel conscious of the mutual love that has nourished each of them.

The freesia flowers are the common choice for the seventh anniversary. It is the time when one realizes that a couple are close to completing almost a whole decade of being together.

wedding6Eight years of being together is such a long time and this occasion can be effectively commemorated by the classic gift of lilac flowers. Lilacs are the evergreen gifts that have stood the test of time to be regarded as beautiful symbol of the beautiful time spent together.


One knows best about one’s relationship, the choice of flowers is entirely a subjective matter. The emotion behind the demonstration is what counts in the end. But a perfect presentation is always the best.

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