Flowers are the most beautiful and greatest gift of God. Especially India, the place that is greatly blessed with hundreds of variety flowers of different colours. This makes the country more beautiful and pleasing. Indians also have a great attachment to flowers. Flowers play a vital role in the lives of Indians.

Importance of flowers in India:

Flowers have a great importance in India. One can find flowers wherever they go in India. India has hundreds of gardens and also the public roads in several cities are made beautiful by planting flowers. India gives great importance to flowers and so does the Indians.

Flowers are used for every occasion in India. The best example would be the grand Indian weddings. One can find extensive use of flowers during a wedding occasion. The entire venue of the wedding will be beautifully decorated using vibrant coloured flowers. This improves the atmosphere as the entire venue gets the tender smell of the flowers. Not just the venue is decorated; the bride also beautifies herself by decorating her hair with beautiful strands of flowers. This doubles the elegance and beauty of the bride.

Flowers also have a great sacred importance. Flowers are considered the best offering that can be given to the deities in temples. Devotees please their God by offering flowers and they believe flowers can please Gods.

One can also find beautiful gardens in the residences of Indians. People grow different varieties of flowers in their gardens and many take this to be their hobby. Flowers are not just in gardens, Indians also keep flowers inside their homes in beautiful vases. Flowers are believed to bring in positive energy. Hence, when they are placed inside homes, the entire house gains and positive energy and this plays an important role in the members of the house. Flowers can also improve the moods of the people and make them pleasant.

India is also known for the varieties of festivals that are celebrated here. One can also witness the extensive use of flowers in these festivals. Thus, an occasion in India is incomplete without the use of flowers.


New Year and Christmas celebrations:

New Year is widely celebrated in the country in different ways. People wait for this day to give away all sour experiences they had in the previous year and for a fresh new start of a new year. People celebrate this day by organising parties and other get-togethers.

Christmas is also celebrated with great joy and is celebrated equally among all people without any discrimination of religion and caste. People irrespective of their religion decorate their homes with stars and also arrange a beautiful Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is decorated using beautiful stars, bells, socks, etc. People go to churches for prayers and also celebrate the occasion by arranging grand feasts and get-togethers.

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