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Seeds and saplings can also be sold, so can books on how to take care of plants can also be sold. Moreover, in order to make this exhibition more exciting, keeping the young people behind who actually probably did not even want to come, a live music and dance completion can be arranged, along with cash prizes for the best performer. This will remove the boredom and tiredness of youngsters. Moreover, a kid’s play area can also be erected with clowns and plenty of balloons. Even though this is a flower how, when people get hungry, they get angry. So including a kiosk, where food and drinks can be served would be very convenient as well as a well-planned decision.

More entertainment can be done in relationship to the flower show. There can be interactive sessions between the designer and the artists. In this way both the customer and designer are benefitted. In order to make a beautiful flower exhibition, one must make sure that the flowers are as fresh as possible. If the flowers come from different parts of the world, special care must be taken to carry and transport them carefully and well, with exposure to sufficient sunlight and water. Flowers vary in shape, size, color and smell, but looking at the green leaves and pretty flowers, but it brings aesthetic appeal to our mind and spirit and also rejuvenates our body. Flowers play an important part in every aspect of human life, be it birth, marriages and even death.

So let’s conclude by saying that flowers matter a lot, but we must learn to choose them correctly.

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