Astrology is a branch of science that deals with correlation of celestial bodies and their effect in different human being. The astrologers contribute to human kind by understanding and interpreting various influences of planets in the life of each individual.  A proper correlation of planets with personality of an individual can give rise to positive effects. Many people are unaware of flowers in Astrology. Many astrologers are with a thought that, working mechanism of astrology is still unknown to major portion of world.

Flowers for Zodiac

The majority of people existing in this world have belief in astrology. Many astrologers specify important of certain flower for each sun signs. Today, people have a great significance of flowers in their day to day life. Any special occasion is graced with a bouquet of flowers. Individual with a particular zodiac sign have a special appeal towards particular flower. So, people can now select a type of flower and place it as a gift item.  You can now frame wonderful ideas of flower gifts by studying about flowers in Astrology.

Flowers for specific Sun sign

Let us start from Zodiac sign that comes first in the chart. The birth flower of Aries is honeysuckle flower. Hence, the flowers that suit the best with this zodiac sign are amaryllis flowers, tulips, thorn bearing shrubs, red peppers and red roses. An individual with Taurus as its sun sign will like the flowers such as lily, sweet William, lavender, lilac aster. Gemini likes daffodils, cactus, golden rod, etc.

Cancer people have a fascination for delphinium, cornflower, and iris flower. Leo gets fascinated to dahlia, sunflower and marigold. Virgo wishes to get close to thistle flower. Libra likes freesia, roses and gladiolus. Scorpio likes Venus fly trap, peony, etc. Sagittarius has a want for berried plant, alliums flower, etc. Capricorns like snow drops and Jasmine flowers. Aquarius get a great pleasure once they view the flowers like yucca, aloe flowers, etc. At the end, Pisces enjoys gypsophilia flower Madonna lily.

Reaction of each sign with flower

You will get best reactions of individuals with specific flowers. You have to know about the preference of each individual with regard to selection of flowers. For example, Carnation is a variety of flower that is really hardy and cheery. Thus, this can be a perfect gift for a Capricorn.  Let us follow some reactions of zodiac signs:

  • A rich colour of Chrysanthemum flower is really a wonderful gift for Scorpio.
  • Since Pisces have a side of imagination, they would enjoy the fragrance of Jonquil.
  • The comfy connotations of Larkspur are loved by cancer.
  • A zodiac sign likes “lily of valley”. The beautiful aroma of this flower makes the individual splendid.
  • Since the Sagittarian has a desire to touch historical roots, they get immense pleasure with Narcissus.
  • Rose is such a flower which can make most of the zodiac sign happy. But Libra likes it the most.
  • Taurus people are fond of poppy.
  • Sunflower is a favourite flower for LEO.
  • Since Aries people have child like enthusiasm, they also have a desire to incline towards sweet pea.

Ideas behind Astrology in flowers

Flowers in Delhi in Astrology are a very recent topic in the nation. Some people are even aware of the fact that flowers can be a symbol for a Zodiac sign. Today many people have a desire for flower astrology.  You will be able to find huge fans who wish to know about flowers and astrology together in a rhythm. The concept of developing a special liking for a particular flower that is under a particular zodiac sign is known as flower astrology.

Now, if you know your star sign, it will be really easy for you to find out a particular flower that matches with your star sign. Today, you can find various astrological sites through where you will be able to find the right flower for your Zodiac sign. Every individual starting from daredevil Aries to a perfectionist Virgo; have a liking towards a particular flower.

Flower remedies in Astrology

Today many people who practice astrology have remedies for several problems in a particular zodiac sign. Some astrologers provide gem stone to come out of some critical problems where as other suggests some flower remedies.  This is a remedy brought by the modern astrologers. Previously, the astrologers use to depend on mantras and other toxic materials such as lemon, etc. to eradicate problems in specific zodiac sign. But today, the theory has changes a lot.

With the option of flower remedies, people can now get a solution in a very cheap rate. Flowers are directly related to changing personality traits as well as attitude of an individual. One can book flower online from online flower shops in Lucknow. The flower remedies are really successful in eradicating mental and emotional stress of an individual. You with not be a sufferer of any side-effects once you avail flower remedies.

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