GIFT009_bDifferent uses of flowers

Flowers and humans share a beautiful relationship since ancient times and it is much more than that of appreciation. There is hardly any occasion in human life that is complete without the use of flowers.

When there is wedding flower is one of the most essential part of the decoration and the ceremony. It gives a sense of celebration and joy. During any festivity or occasion flowers can be used for decorations and as gifts.

Flowers can be given to a sick person as a get well soon message; the sight, smell and beauty of flowers helps alleviating the person’s mood.  It is said that many flowers have amazing healing properties. Flowers are used in many different medicinal purposes also.

Flowers are offered gods and goddesses as a mark of respect, in many societies the ritual of offering prayers to God is seen as incomplete if no flowers are offered.  It is considered holy and pure.

Flowers and flower garlands are offered to our favorite leaders and revered people as a mark of love and respect. Even when people die they are shown love and respect of their loved ones by placing flower wreaths. When famous and revered people die others shower flowers at their biers.

A lover presents flowers to his/her beloved to show the emotions of love and longing. Many women love to wear flowers in their hair AR6XLas a fashion statement, other wear it as a social symbol. Flowers can be given as a gift to anyone and in any occasion, it always makes a gorgeous and a picturesque gift. A lovely bunch of well-presented flowers can uplift anybody’s mood.

Sweet smelling flowers can also be used for making perfumes, sprays and hair oils. Water scented with rose or other sweet smelling flower is used for sprinkling in many good and auspicious occasions. Flowers are used in different beauty products due to their exquisite scent and medicinal benefits. There are many edible flowers as well; they are used in many foods to give flavor or to infuse colors. Many flowers are frequently used for making flavored teas, medicinal tonics and infusions.

Hence flowers are your companion in all occasions whether during the lifetime or at death. You cannot deny the presence and significance of flowers in the life of humans. It is a rare and precious gift of nature to the mankind. And all must admire, appreciate and love this exquisite gift of nature.

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