winter weddingGetting married in the winter can be a lovely romantic experience. Imagine the white snow, the beautiful cosy winter atmosphere, the wonderful wedding decoration and your most beloved people adding a wonderful vibe to this incredible moment. But there is a small problem – flowers don’t do well with cold weather. Low temperature can kill your flowers and ruin one of the most important details of your wedding. However, just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have beautiful flowers at your wedding. There is a choice of seasonal flowers that you can find and also tips on how to keep your flowers alive longer for your winter wedding.

Permanent Flowers

These are artificial flowers that are a great way to decorate your outdoor wedding and not worry that they will freeze before you’ve said your vows. You can find on the market some very well-made artificial flowers that look exactly like real ones and they will definitely do the job and create a lovely atmosphere. It’s guaranteed that many people won’t even notice the flowers are not real.

Bride’s Bouquet

As for the bouquet the bride will be holding, it’s a good idea to have it delivered right before the ceremony, so that it remains in good shape longer. Another good tip is to limit the time you spend outside. You will probably want to take a few photos holding the bouquet. Take them and ask someone to bring the bouquet back inside, so that it doesn’t freeze in the cold.

Winter Greens

Pine and cedar are a good idea for the winter, since they are much more resistant to harsh weather conditions.


There is no doubt that roses are a classic. You can find them in many different sizes and colours. Passionate reds to contrast the white environment and whites to fit the beautiful snow are a great option in the winter. You can add some greenery and make a beautiful bouquet.


These are seasonal flowers that are perfect for your winter wedding. They normally come in pink, white or red and are pretty large, which makes them ideal for making a big bouquet.


Their shape is similar to the one of Poinsettias. It’s another great choice for a bouquet. You can find it in different colours but its red wedding4one is the most beautiful option.


These are available all year round. You can find them in deep purple or beautiful light blue, either way they make a wonderful bouquet.

Calla Lilies

What’s interesting about calla lilies is that they are very strong flowers, although they look very sensitive. A bouquet of calla lilies tied with a beautiful ribbon is a perfect choice for your wedding, since they look super classy and elegant. You can make a bouquet mixing calla lilies, amaryllis, roses and greenery and you’ll have an amazing bouquet.

Hot In The Cold

Recently, silver and white has been very trendy. You can have a beautiful bouquet with crystal accents, which will bring a lot of glamour to your wedding. White orchids tied with a satin ribbon is a great elegant choice. White boutonnières or hydrangeas are a very good idea too.

Having a wedding in the winter doesn’t mean that you can’t have beautiful flowers. Check our suggestions and choose the bouquet that will add a final touch to your whole wedding.


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