wedding-flowers1Gorgeous Wedding Bouquets – What Style Suits You

Traditionally, the bride will hold the wedding bouquet while walking down the aisle. A collection of beautiful flowers, wedding bouquet not only looks and smells beautiful but also helps in setting the colour theme. Adding little clusters of pink and white flowers to your bouquet will complement your country wedding theme, whereas using a viburnum berry will add extra romance to your bouquet. What type of bouquet is perfect for me and which bouquet would be best for my wedding theme are just a few questions that will undeniably pop-up your mind, when picking a wedding bouquet as these play an eternal part of your wedding.

As a bride, you have no shortage of choices. From country chic bouquets to floral fancy options, there are plenty of flowers that you can blend in with your theme and colour scheme. But, it is essential to have information about the factors that will make a difference to bouquet shape that suits you and your theme.

Biedermeier Bouquet

This is a European-influenced bouquet, which appears like a blossoming bull’s-eye once composed. Its dramatic beauty and contrast will surely add a little extra fragrance to your wedding. To browse a list of classic wedding bouquets, you can check out Hayford and Rhodes.

Round bouquet

As the name reveals, it is a round bouquet composed of simple and elaborate flowers. Perfect for modern style weddings, this is probably one of the most admired among brides.Nosegay Bouquet

Summery Bouquet

Ornamental oregano, lavender Shangri-la roses, and sunset garden roses are just some of the flowers that made for a summery bouquet.

Pageant Bouquet

Also known as presentation bouquet, this is a sheath of flowers composed to be held in bride’s arms. Calla lilies and roses are some of the extensively used flowers for pageant bouquets.

Cascade bouquet

If you are tying the knot in a vintage style, then Cascade bouquet is just for you. It is the most traditional bouquet composed to spill elegantly over the bride’s hand. For a sophisticated look, the bouquet looks round at the top and sharp at the bottom.

Cherry Blossom Bouquet

Cherry Blossom Bouquet is a perfect blend of petite, medium, and large flowers. Minnow daffodil and jasmine are perfect choices for petite flowers, while orchids and peonies are great options for large sized flowers.

Posy Bouquet

Easy to carry, Posy Bouquet is round and small bunch that is extensively used for bridesmaids. The best thing about posy bouquet is that it works well with an extensive range of flower types and flower shapes. This is one of the most popular choices for today’s modern bride.

Nosegay Bouquet

Nosegay Bouquet is popular for its densely packed flowers and herbs that are often tied with a ribbon. Arose in fifteenth-century, this bouquet tends to include fairly a bit of greenery.

White Wedding Bouquets

A white wedding bouquet may seem very elegant and traditional, but depending on the kind of flowers, you select. If you are planning to wear a ball gown with a full skirt, opt for a bouquet with lush blooms in a round shape. White peonies, roses, and orchids are just a few choices that you can consider for your big day.

Opalescent Wedding Bouquet

Not sure, what style you would like to consider for your wedding? Then, have a look at this beautiful bouquet. This multicolored bouquet is sure to illustrate the look and feel you need for your bouquet.

Hand-tied Bouquet

Whimsical yet playful, this bouquet is a hand tied arrangement that is quite popular with modern brides. Don’t forget to use a focal flower for the centre of the bouquet.

Try any one of the bouquets that complements your wedding theme and dress. These bouquets are easy to carry and will add extra fragrance to your big day.

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