dahliaDahlias are considered as one of the most popular flower species when it comes to gardening. However, while the history of flowers such as chrysanthemums, irises, peonies, etc. goes back until literally ancient times, dahlias in their various types are know as cultivated flowers for about 200 years only. During these two centuries dahlias have experienced certain ups and downs in the interest about them, but they have finally become one the most popular flowers planted in our home gardens.

It is believed that dahlias originate from Mexico and Spain. Then they were transferred to Great Britain and later – in France and Germany. After their appearance in Europe, dahlias were grown mainly as tropical plants in greenhouses, but they were actually pretty weak and unimpressive. After a French botanist planted some dahlias in the botanical garden in Monpel, the results were outstanding and have surpassed all expectations. This was the beginning of the triumphal procession of dahlias, which became really modern and extremely expensive.


Basic rules for growing dahlia in your home garden:


  • You should plant dahlias in a sunny place, where they will be able to get enough light.
  • The proper timing that you should choose when planting dahlias in your garden is April and the beginning of May. If the bulbs Dahliahave become too large during the winter, split them, because the smaller they are, the better your plants will bloom.
  • The most appropriate soil for growing dahlias is clay-humus garden soil, well-drained.
  • You should start fertilizing the soil after the very first appearance of the new plants, which is about six weeks after planting, and then every week.
  • Dahlias bloom from August to October.
  • There are some specific needs of these flowers you should be aware of before you start growing them. First, dahlias need a lot of water. Second, you should tie their stems up at about 10 inches above the ground, because these are heavy flowers that can be easily broken under their own weight.
  • You are not supposed to leave the bulbs into the soil during the winter. After the first snow for the season, you should pull the bulbs out and keep them at about 5-6 degrees Celsius on dry turf.

 Tips that will make you easier when growing dahlias

If you want to make your dahlias bloom sooner, a great idea is to plant them in some large flowerpots inside your home in March, and leave them in a well-lit room in order to “wake them up”. This way you will be able to plant them in your garden directly in May, which will make them bloom earlier.

  • Do not forget to remove all withered blossoms regularly.
  • When the plant becomes about 15 inches high, cut it high in order to make side branches. And if you want to get really enormousdahlia1 blossoms, remove the buds on top.

It is important to know that cut dahlias should not stay waterless for a long time. Put them in a vase as soon as you can and add a few drops of household bleach in their water. Remember to cut their stems with a sharp knife, and not with scissors, because you should not smash it.

Choose the length of the stems according to the size and weight of each blossom. The life of cut dahlias, which are put in a vase, depends on their sort and continues from six to fourteen days. If you wonder which is the perfect timing to cut your dahlia blossoms yourself, you should do that early in the morning or late at the evening, but do not do that in the middle of the day. And remember – put them immediately in enough water in the vase, because this will help opening the blossoms easily and will be beneficial for their longer life.


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