Beauty and fashion does not remain similar in all seasons, rather the changing face of fashion in India have created variation in the concept of beauty. There was a time when people used to prefer chemically rich cosmetics products. They were not aware of the negative effect of the same. But today, beauty world is rediscovered with the herbal products. Indians took good time to indulge in fashion world. But, now due to western fashion, even Indians are taking fashion seriously.

Latest beauty and style in India

People from different parts of India are adopting western styles in their dressing sense. Yet, Indians are always fond of traditional wears such as Saris and Salwar Kameez. The sartorial style of the nation is still having its effect on the people of the nation. A healthy combination of traditional and modern dresses can be seen in business place, college campuses, shopping areas, etc. Whether you are going for an elegant design or ethnic wear, the varieties will be available in the broad spectrum.

Even with the dresses, the Indian citizens are carrying on with the experiments as far as the accessories are concerned. The nose rings are now in fashion with the western wear. Piercing in various parts of the body has become common among the college goers. Tattoos of an eagle, knife, knight, etc. are a pleasure for men. Even many Indian girls are preferring tattoos at the back or in hands.


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