A flower garden boasts of the creative mind of the grower and attaches a beauty quotient to the place where the bosoms bloom. It can change the definition of a particular ambiance with its presence. What are the kinds of flowers that one can grow in a garden? There are various types of flowers which one can plant in garden without more fuss. The most common flowers are Rose, Jasmine, Marigold, Jasmine, Lilies and others. Here, we are about to know more about the Jasmine flower.

History of Jasmine:

Jasmine, the name itself comes from a Persian word” Yasmeen” which means “Gift of God”. Jasmine is a flower that mainly grows in tropical and temperate regions of the world and does not need any extra care or maintenance. It is a very common flowering plant and every person is enthusiastic to grow this plant. No other flower can match up the charm, elegance and magnificent aroma of a Jasmine. The presence of this flower gives visual treat to the viewer. This is a low cost flower and is used in ritual or religious purposes and in various festivals. The fragrance of this amazing flower charms every person and reflects beauty, modesty and passion. This flower belongs to the olive family.

What is Jasmine?

There are two varieties of Jasmine flower, one is deciduous and other is evergreen. These types of plants are erect and spread fully with simple leaves. Although there can be shrubs or vines of jasmines. The flowers are mainly white and yellow in color and there can be a reddish touch in a few flowers. They bloom in cluster forms and a minimum number of three flowers can grow on a branch though in most cases a flower blooms solitarily on one end of the branch. There are about four to nine petals in each of these flowers with two locules and maximum number of four ovules. The filaments are short and the flowers have two stamens with ovate or linear bracts. The fruits of this flowering plant look like berries and turns into black color when ripe and their calyx are of bell-shaped.

Regions where this flower grows:

The Jasmine flower grows mainly in tropical and subtropical regions of various parts like Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. They have several common names according to their habitat and the English names are given according to the place where they bloom like “Arabian jasmine”, “Spanish Jasmine”, etc. They also grow in several parts of Brazil and Florida.

Uses of Jasmine:

Jasmine is widely planted and cultivated all over the world so as to beautify one’s garden and to enjoy its enigmatic fragrance. It can be used for decorating any corner of the house by tying the flowers in a cluster. In various parts the flowers are worn by women as a hair accessory. This is an amazing flower which blooms only in the night and is plucked in the daytime. In the daytime the petals are very tightly closed. One can even pluck the bud and place it in a cool wet place until night comes as it is a delicate flower it will bloom slowly and retain it vigor and magnificence for several days. When the temperature begins to slow down one by one the petals of the flowers open up.

In various parts of China the Jasmine tea is consumed which has got a typical sweet taste and fragrance. It is used for making green tea. The petals are moistened and dried for several days and when the moisture gets released the dry petals are made to go through machines and are grinded for making refined green tea. For flavoring purpose Jasmine syrup is used. Jasmine flowers are also important for making various types of oils which can be applied on hair to give it a perfect shine and texture. Jasmines are also very useful for making perfumes and incense sticks.

Other Importance:

Jasmines have got a very powerful impact in the cultural strata of India. In various southern states of this country jasmines are widely cultivated almost in every home or as a potted plant. These are used for worshipping idols and also for making garlands and other hair ornaments. It is used in a huge manner in various cultural ceremonies, events, marriage ceremonies and other social functions. It is cultivated for industrial purpose too like in perfume industry, oil industry, incense making industry and others. While buying jasmines from vendors one must check it properly from the retailer if it is maintained properly and is in fresh condition. Jasmine flowers are the best gift that can be given to any person on special occasion or events.

National Importance:

Jasmine is regarded as the National flower in several countries like Hawaii, Indonesia, Pakistan and Philippines. It is used in making garlands in these countries and welcoming the guests with honor.

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