100_Red_Roses_in_a_Tall_Glass_VaseFebruary is celebrated as the most passionate and extravagant months out of all the other eleven months. This is because of the festival of love celebrated all through this month. The valentine’s week falls in this month starting from 7th of February with Rose day and ends with 14th of the month-Valentine’s Day. 12th of February is celebrated as the world kiss day. On this day, lovers from every corner of the world come close to each other and perform the most passionate love action, kiss. Now the most deliberate question that comes in this perspective is that, what love is and what kiss is. Love is a very difficult term to define. It’s a feeling, a sensation that can be felt very strongly without knowing the cause and hence without being able to explain the feeling. Love is an incident that dismantles the known world and refurnishes and adorns it with newer attributes and features. Love is the combination of countless unknown sensations mixed with optimism and happiness. Love has no said date or address that predict one’s day of finding love. Love happens to someone unknowingly and suddenly. It’s an accident that one lovingly longs for. One can meet love at any turn in the journey of life. However, kiss is the most eloquent action performed by the ones in love.

Some jokingly explain kiss as the shortest distance between two lips, but unknowingly also convey the ability of kiss to bring the two warm hearts in love to come closer to each other. Kiss is a passionate act to touch the loved one and thus making the bond stronger and the relation healthier. However, every love story is established through physical closeness. It’s a pleasure and loving feeling for the lovers to get cozy to each other. No lover would dislike snuggling head on the shoulder of his/her love partner. A kiss on the forehead or on the cheek not only makes one to feel divinely fortunate but also makes the relation more sweet, delicate and warm. Kiss day is dedicated to those lovers who know how fierce and benevolent they can be simultaneously for the ones residing in their hearts. Kiss day is for rejoicing and distributing kisses to the special ones without being worried to lose them in this lifetime. On this august day lovers sanctify the wordings of love with the physical emotions.

100_Pink_Roses_in_a_Tall_Glass_VaseLike any other first time experience, first kiss stands as a symbol of eternity. Everyone goes through his/her first kiss with a bit of fear and a bit of beat of heart. The first kiss is the first rush of adrenaline that makes one to bow down before the power of love. But the feeling fades out with time. However, kiss day provides one with the opportunity to reiterate and revive the first time feeling once again. Kiss has a number of benefits over other types of physical contacts. The science of lip locking also known as philematology is based on some bizarre facts. However, kiss in many case burns a greater calories of fat than any other physical exercises. A long kiss can even help you burn more than 26 calories of fat. Kiss is an act that has been scientifically proven to be having the capability to increase the life span of a person. Swapping spits is the natural vaccination process and helps creating antibody and fight infection. Thus kissing provides one with the immunity that is naturally earned. Kissing everyday keeps the blood pressure and cholesterol level low and thus helps one to get a healthy heart and long cardiac span. Kissing releases dopamine, the natural neurotransmitter that is responsible for creating the feeling of desire and love and thus reduces the stress level. One being involved in regular kissing has been detected with 5 years extended life span than others.

Kiss day is a celebration of kissing. So this day should be observed with passion and desire. The key to perfect kiss is the perfect environment and the perfect environment is created by some exquisite ingredients. Flowers are the most basic requirement to make the day full of passion, desire and romanticism. Flowers are believed to be conveying their own languages and feelings and thus used the most delicate medium to express one’s wishes and sensations. Love has always been expressed with the help of colorful flowers and roses. So, always be prepared with red roses to make your first move towards physical closeness. Perfumed breaths and scented odor is another criterion for being physically attracted. There are various ways for doing the perfect kiss. Making soft and light moves is the first key to the perfect snog. Taking the charge of kissing by the man is preferred by a number of women. So, it’s always advised to make the move by the man first. Eyes exchange the love feelings to greater content, so let the lady enjoy the moment with closed eyes.

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