attract the bees and butterfliestMost of the flowering plants round the world attract the bees and butterflies for pollination. The pollen grains are pollinated by them from one plant to the other, in this way they help in the germination process. The brightly colored flowers attract these insects very much in groups to carry out the reproductive process of the plants. All types of terrestrial plants adapt this pollen germination process for the reproduction in the flowering plants. Some very special brightly colored flowers attract the insects for this germination process in gardens and also in forests.

Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate flowering plant

It is one of the most butterfly attracting plants in the whole world. The plant was first grown in the USA by Thomas Jefferson. It is a kisscottage garden type of plant of the old fashioned breed. It is a very fast growing plant. The stems are very hard and 5 feet in length. The flowers are bright in color. These flowers are also very beautiful and gorgeous. The flowers always bloom in clusters and each cluster is about 3-4 feet long. The bright clustered flowers attract the bees and butterflies hugely in all the seasons of the year. This helps in the pollination process.


Geisha Girl Calendula Calendula Officinalis

It is one of the most beautiful and popular flowering plants in the whole world. The color of these flowers is rich type orange-red. Flower-Geisha-Girl-CalendulaThe flower has curved types of petals. The plant is of an oval foliage type and the color is light green. The Calendula flowering plant is of hardy type. It can be grown very well on all types of soils and under all weather as well climatic conditions. It is an annual plant which is 20 inches in length. These brightly colored flowers largely attract various flying insects like bees and butterflies for pollination process. It also attracts small birds like the Hummingbirds for the same purpose.

Teasel Dipsacus sativus

It is one of the most dramatic types of plants in the whole world, attracting a lot of insects and flies. The plant has a black border and is 72 inches tall. Dipsacus_sativus,_Fullers_TeaselThe plant contains womb shaped flowers which attract the butterflies and the bees in large groups. This helps in the pollination and germination process of the flowering plant. These bright and beautiful flowers are widely used for the interior decoration and gifting purposes. The bees and the butterflies sit on these flowers for drinking the honey from them.


Lavender Hyssop   Agastache Foeniculum

It is one of the biggest honey attractive flowering plant for the butterflies and bees. The sweet nectar of the plant also produces sweet honey for the flying insects.agastache_foeniculum_lg A sweet smell of honey is also produced from the plant that is largely responsible in attracting the insects. These sweet-scented flowers are also used for various culinary purposes. Thus, the flowering plant is also very popular.

Korean Bee Tree Evodia danielli

Evidia is a rare and popular type of flowering plant. It is 25-30 feet in length. It is a very fast growing type of plant and attracts large number of bees and butterflies for the pollination and reproduction purposes. 4 to 6 inch size small flowers of white color bloom in the plant in the month of June. Bee Tree Evodia danielliThese flowers produce honey, pollen and nectar in large amounts. Thus, the flying insects like the bees and the butterflies are hugely attracted towards the flowers for the honey. Thus, it is one of the most favorite flowering plants for the honey carrying insects like butterflies and the bees.


Mosquito Plant (Agastache Cana)

It is a very hard type of perennial plant. It provides sweet scented pollens and nectar. The flowers are rosy purple in color and are 1 inch in length. Mosquito PlantThe flowers attract butterflies, bees as well as the small hummingbirds. It is annual types of flowering plant. The crushed foliages of the flower repel the mosquitoes so the name is like that. The bright color and incredible scent are the main factors for pollinating insect and bird attraction towards them.


Borage (Borage officinalis)

The Borage flowering plant whose official name is Borage officinalis attracts the bees as well the butterflies largely for its pollination. It is an herbal type of plant producing flowers and leaves which are edible. The flowers are small, star shaped and blue in color. The bright color is loved by the bees and they get attracted towards the flowers.Borago-officinalis-Borage-Bluez The leaves of the plant taste like cucumber and thus can be consumed along with the salads. Thus, proper pollination is needed for the best reproduction of the plants. The pollination of these flowering plants is done very fast with the help of these flying insects in gardens and other places.

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