bridal bouquet Did you know that flowers have been used in wedding ceremonies since the dawn of time as an expression of love and only the best wishes to both the newly-weds and the guests of the wedding.

The ancient Greeks were the first ones, who have actually used wedding flowers in their ceremonies. They used them for making a decoration for the bride’s head such as a crown or a diadem and were considered a gift of nature. Usually, it was the bridesmaids who would make the floral decoration of the entire wedding, including garlands, the bridal bouquet and the boutonnière for the groom.

Nowadays, the wedding business is so well-developed that there is a great variety of flowers on the market – both fresh and silk ones. Today, one of the most current global fashion trends when it comes to bridal bouquets is using not only fresh, but also artificial and silk flowers, as well as some flowers made of other fabrics or even paper.

Fresh vs Silk Flowers – Which ones would you choose?

In the past all wedding bouquets were made of herbs and other green plants. People used to believe that the more fragrant the flowers were, the farther the evil spirits will run away. Today, however, bridal bouquets come in a variety of shapes and sized, and they may be made by both fresh or silk flowers.

The advantages of fresh flowers

The advantages of fresh flowers used in a wedding bouquet are pretty obvious. They are beautiful, elegant and fragrant and they add an exquisite look to every wedding ceremony, giving the bride the opportunity to add a touch of her own personal style to her most special day.

Fresh flowers are quite fastidious, though, which makes them much more expensive and unfortunately, weak and perishable. That is why we offer you to consider another alternative for your bridal bouquet – the one given to you by the variety of silk flowers sold on the market.

How about the artificial silk wedding flower bouquets?

Bridal bouquets made of silk flowers or other materials are called “eternal” wedding bouquets and may be passed across generations. A mother may pass the bouquet as a gift to her daughter, and she on the other hand may pass it to hers. Such bouquet is usually made to last through the years yet to come and to be used several times. That is why it becomes one of the family jewels that remain as a beautiful reminder of the day of your wedding.

The advantages of silk flowers

If you have recently looked through a wedding magazine or some of the specialized wedding websites on the Internet, you have probably noticed that bridal bouquets come in all types, shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact their main types are only two, because wedding bouquets are made of fresh or artificial (silk) flowers. Of course, both kinds of flowers come in different shapes, sizes and most of all, colours.

Over the last few years silk flower wedding bouquets become more and more popular, because when chosen carefully and wisely, they are no different from the fresh ones. In addition, silk flowers also have several advantages, which make them such a popular choice among contemporary brides:

bridal bouquet1

  • Silk flowers are easy to work with, which means that you will make your florist easier, because they literally they can’t be harmed or broken.
  • Silk flowers are not seasonal flowers, which means that you can use whatever flowers you like whenever you like.
  • Silk flowers may also be a lot cheaper than fresh flowers, especially if your wedding is during the winter.
  • Silk and artificial flowers are not influenced by heat. If you are using fresh flowers in a hot summer day, you may be sure your bouquet will wither right in the middle of your wedding party.
  • Silk flowers always look fresh and are easily transported.
  • They don’t provoke any allergies and don’t attract bees and other insects.



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