Chocolates_and_RibbonChocolates can also be gifted in any other form other than just a simple chocolate bouquet or a chocolate basket. Some ideas of gifting a chocolate are given below:

  1. 1.       Chocolate Bath Soak

Gifting a dear one, who is an intense chocolate lover, with a chocolate bath will be a nice idea. A friend will love this gift very much as he or she will be filled with joy after having a lavish and comfortable bath in their favourite chocolate flavour and aroma. The mixture of chocolate, oatmeal and vital bathing oils helps the skin in retaining its healthy glow and young. This bath will help your friend in soothing their skin and he or she will feel heavenly after having the chocolate bath.

  1. 2.       Chocolate Spa

Gifting a day out in a chocolate spa will also be a great idea for a chocolate lover friend. By gifting your friend a gift coupon of a chocolate spa, you will be gifting him or her, a day of leisure of revitalizing their weary mind, body and spirit. Your friend will feel rejoiced by the soothing effect of the chocolaty aroma.

  1. 3.       Chocolate facial

Besides the above ideas of gifting a chocolate spa or chocolate bath, one can also give a friend a coupon of chocolate facial as a gift. A chocolate facial will not only be a perfect gift for a friend, but it will also fill the eyes of the fiend with immense joy. The lush soft feel of chocolate facial will be suitable for all skin types and will give a pure pleasure of relaxation to the worn-out facial muscles.

  1. 4.       Chocolate fountain

Gifting your chocolate lover friend, a chocolate fountain will be a nice idea. A flowing waterfall of chocolate with chocolate dipped strawberries, wafer sticks, chocolate cake topped with loads of chocolate can also be a great idea of gift for chocolate lovers

  1. 5.       Chocolates with flowers

One can also gift a friend a box of chocolates with a flower bouquet. In this way, a friend can not only get the taste and flavour of their chocolates-the-free-truffle-216651favourite chocolates, he can also fill their living rooms with the aroma of fresh flowers.

Also, you can also make a combination of chocolates and flowers combined into a beautiful bouquet. Or you can arrange the chocolates in such a way that it looks just like a flower

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