Spectacular Flower Festivals Around the World


Festivals of the flowers are a timeless colourful celebration and a day, full of sweet fragrance and a touch of spring. Most Flower Festivals are during the spring, when they become a part of greeting the spring in an euphoric and cheerful way.

Featuring freshness, diversity and splendour, Flower Festivals always manage to capture every heart in the cheerful rhythm of the march. Colours, aromas and sounds spread along the streets of the city just like a magic blanket, and stimulate all senses, filling our soul with euphoria and joy. This feeling can not be described. Check now the most famous Flower Festivals around the world.

Flower Garden

The Flower Festival in Lisse, The Netherlands

 Every year in early spring there is the traditional Flower Festival in Belgium and the Netherlands. These festivals usually follow a certain route, theme and even a script. The largest outdoor flower garden in the world – Keukenhof, is located in the Dutch town Lisse. The garden is open only in the spring when tulips bloom and becomes part of the 40-mile route of the annual Flower Festival in this part of the country.

Known as the Garden of Europe, Keukenhof is the largest botanical garden in the Netherlands with an area of more than 32 hectares and with more than 7 million flowers planted in it. The Flower Festival Parade goes on its central lane. The procession includes about twenty large platforms with staggering flower compositions and more than thirty luxury decorated cars. You can literally spend the whole day at the festival. Either you will combine your tour around the garden with the traditional parade, or you will join it from another location – the choice is all yours.

 The Flower Festival in Yalta, Crimea

The “Nikita” Botanical Garden in Yalta usually becomes the centre of the most beautiful spring flower festival on the Crimean peninsula flower-festival– The Tulip Festival. Within two weeks there usually blossom over 150 varieties of tulips, some of which are planted only in this botanical garden.

For more than fifty years in the Botanical Garden “Nikita” there are grown, cultivated and selected different types of tulips. They have a high decorative quality, and they are also resistant to unfavourable weather conditions and bloom consistently from late March to the middle of May.


The Flower Festival in Istambul, Turkey

Not surprisingly, Istambul is called “the Queen of Cities”. Apart from the dozens of landmarks and tourist attractions, the city is also known for the annual Spring Tulip Festival, which begins in the end of March and lasts 40 days and nights. On this occasion, local authorities plant more than 3 million tulips in different parts of the city every year. This way one of the noisiest and most crowded cities in the world becomes also one of the most colourful places in Europe.

You probably wonder why they have chosen tulips for this annual Flower Festival? The truth is that this traditional Dutch flower actually originates from Turkey and is its national symbol. It is brought from Iran centuries ago and became very popular.

 flower festivalThe Flower Festival in Madeira, Portugal

The Spring Flower Festival in Madeira becomes one of the biggest attractions for tourists and local people every April. Streets of Funchal are filled with voices, with fragrance of thousands of flower, with colourful and complex flower compositions elevated on massive platforms, with music and joy. Although the Flower Festival is concentrated mainly in the city centre, it shows all possible types of flowers grown in Madeira. There are participants from different part of the island, divided into groups, each representing their own costumes, music and choreography.

The Flower Festival here also includes other activities, such as making flower carpets, price awarding, concerts, exhibitions, and many other events.

The Flower Festival in Cordoba, Spain

In the last week of April in Cordoba begins the traditional annual festival “battle of Flowers”. The festival usually turns in one of the The Flower Festivalmost beneficial events for tourism industry. More than 160,000 flowers are spread on the city streets, and the participants are dressed in traditional Andalusian flamenco style.

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