India is known for many attractive qualities it assets. One of the most notable assets the country has is flowers. India is a land with a wide variety of flowers of beautiful shapes and sizes. Flowers are a gift of nature to the country and the Indians play a great role in protecting the gift. Flowers can attract anyone with its beauty and charm and can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Indian love for flowers:

India and Specially Gurgaon florist by Buds n Bloom and through out NCR as well as citizens of India always has a great love and inclination towards flowers. Flowers too have a great role to play in the Indians life.

India witnesses many festivals around the year. Each state of the country has their own festivals and most of the festivals are incomplete without flowers. Each festival has its own beauty and style. Among these festivals, many festivals include possessions of different types. These possessions are made attractive and this is done by decorating the vehicle carrying the possession, with flowers. The entire venue, where the particular festival is taking place is decorated using flowers of different colours.

Indian weddings are great examples to quote the Indian love for flowers. Indian weddings are grand and they are made yet more grand and elegant by using flowers to decorate the venue. Even the bride is beautified by decorating her hair with long strands of flowers. Usually white or red coloured flowers are used to decorate the bride’s hair.

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