Flower knowledgeWe all love giving flowers. No matter if there is a special occasion, or you just want to make a good first-date impression, flowers are the classic way to show some respect and attraction to the person in front of you. Since ages, giving flowers to a woman is believed to be a sign of a gallantry and gentlemanliness. However, no matter if you want to add some holiday atmosphere to the business party at your office or you want to confess your feelings to the woman of your heart, never give a single flower if you are not aware of its exact meaning. If you are about to go on a date, for instance and you want to impress your lady with a really fascinating bouquet, there are some rules that you need to follow. Otherwise, you can get into really embarrassing situation and not always people are willing to hear your further explanations.

Carnation – For some reason, a lot of people tend to ignore this beautiful flower. In some countries, it is believed to symbolize death, since it is one of the most popular flowers when going to a funeral. The truth is that carnation actually symbolizes mother’s love and affection, enchantment and elegance. The white carnation symbolizes pure love, whereas the red one is a sign of respect.

Orchid – This gorgeous flower is one of the most pretentious (and expensive) in our list. And perhaps this is the reason why if is a symbol of luxury and power. The ancient Greeks have associated it with manliness.

Rose – Is there a more universal way to show your love for a woman than giving her a rose bouquet ? We all know that and that is why this flower is the most popular one for dates, birthdays and anniversaries. Here are some of the more specific meanings of different types of roses.

White roses – It is a symbol of loyalty and innocence. When you give a white rose, you say ‘You can trust me’.

Red roses – Well, red roses are something that we all know. It is the trade mark of love. You give a red rose to a woman only if you Flower Knowledgehave some feelings for her. However, if you give a rose bud, you still confess your affection to the other person but you also show that you want these feelings to be kept in secret.

Yellow roses – Yellow roses are often associated with hatred but in fact it symbolizes friendship.

The meaning of a combination of white and red roses is a bit more complicated. Such a beautiful bouquet says ‘Closeness forever’. Throwing leaves of red and white roses has become a funeral tradition, since this is considered as a way to say ‘You will stay in our hearts forever’.

Lily – It is one of the most beautiful flowers in our list. According to the language of flowers it means pure intentions, humility and courage. The white lily is an indication of friendship and loyalty, whereas the orange one drops a hint at hatred and historicity.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you  will need to consider when you are about to give flowers. It is really not an easy task, especially if the woman is aware of the language of flowers. Always choose the bouquet according to the occasion, the age and the personal preferences of its receiver. Also, in case you want to give a potted plant, you will definitely need to make some secret ‘research’ and see if the woman is keen on gardening. And when giving the flower, attach some small note Flower Knowledgewith growing instructions for the particular flower.


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