21st-Birthday-Party-DecorationsBalloons have an ability to transform an event of celebration into a wonderful party. You can also take the advantage of adding these affordable and perfect items of decoration to enhance the charm of a party. Since every house is built with different architectural features and a distinct design, you are free to use them with your imagination and add flair to your party with balloon decorations. However, the use of balloon based on the unique theme for a birthday party can add a special effect to your celebration. So, in order to spice up your birthday party, you must choose from a myriad of exclusive decoration ideas, out of which a few are discussed in this article

Welcome Message at The Entrance

The use of flowers and other décor materials is commonly observed with parties, where balloons can add a special touch to the adornment. You can use multi-coloured balloons to make the gate and entrance path appear brighter and display a welcome message for all your guests. The whole decoration can be made with the use of balloons or by combining flowers and other decorative items with them.

Use Balloons to Display Text

This is another unique way of delivering your wishes and greetings to the party boy or girl on the eve of his or her birthday. Numerous suppliers provide balloons that inflate to take the shape of a number or an alphabet or a complete text, which you can use in your own imaginative way. Use them to get the ‘Happy Birthday’ message displayed, with or without the age or for any other unique message. These balloons can be hung from the ceiling, made to float in the air by filling them with helium or fixed to the front wall, so that everyone could see them. In case of an outdoor party, it is advised to use helium filled balloons of large size and make them float high in the air, making them visible from a long distance.

2268Water Balloon Party

Water balloons are loved by children, so their use for decorating a birthday party can add a huge fun for kids, including both toddlers and teens. The warmer months of a year are the best time to organize this type of party, so as to allow kids to enjoy in an outside setup and get some relief from the hot environment. You can also plan various games to make the party more enjoyable and memorable for all the guests, especially kids. You can use balloon cut outs or stickers to decorate water filled goodie bags and present them to all the kids in the party that will make them happier.

Animal Balloons for kids

A birthday party decoration with the use of animal themed balloons is a funny idea to make the celebration more pleasurable and humorous. Get shapes of the favourite cartoon animal characters for your kids and place them as a centrepiece on the main table. You can also make such balloons as token of thanksgiving for every guest for being a part of the celebration.

Balloon Decorations for an Adult’s Birthday

Although balloons are known to be one among the favourite toys for kids, but they can also be used as a fun theme for the celebration of an adult’s birthday party. You can plan a party with the use of different balloons, where adults will be persuaded to behave like kids and enjoy the special day of their life. You can use die-cuts to display messages in a funny way, like displaying 50th birthday as 5th birthday and more. Another idea to add a childish touch to an adult’s birthday party is by mounting all the childhood images of the birthday person and let them float around the room, so that everyone can see them.

Balloon Clusters

Balloons of different colours can be tied together to make decorative clusters or make different sized columns of varied shapes. Add other items like ribbons, strings, garlands and other material like hanging decorations to make the venue 17351a_Balloons-Bear4-Mylarof the event more attractive and pleasing to both the guests and the guest of honour.

Birthday Themed Balloons

There are many balloon suppliers that can offer you creative and innovative balloons based on the theme of a birthday party. Explore different available options and beautify the party venue in your own special way, where you can take help of internet service or get ideas from the suppliers.

Thus, there are numerous ideas that you can take into account for the decoration of the venue of a birthday party with the use of balloons. You can choose from the options discussed above or browse through other ideas for your next birthday party to create a real festive mood. While decorating the venue with such dazzling ideas, you can minimize the concern of spending a hefty amount, as balloons for decorations are available at an affordable price.

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