Giving flowers on Valentines Day is a time honored tradition. It is an easy way to express your affection for the recipient. Not sure what kind of flowers to send? Use the following information as a guide to picking the perfect floral bouquet for your special someone.1412052355

Rainbow Roses

Sending the classic bouquet of red roses is boring. Women like roses of all colors. Cheerful in design a dozen rainbow roses is both elegant an sophisticated. It is also an ideal choice if you are sending the roses to someone other than your significant other like your best friend or mother.

origins1Mixed Bouquet

If you are looking for a mixed bouquet to Send flowers bouquet in Mumbai that is sure to impress consider sending a mixed bouquet that blends roses, lilies, alstroemeria, and gerbera daisies. The blend of colors and blooms looks lavish. A bouquet with this blend of flowers works for both a friend, or a lover.

Two Dozen Red Roses

If you are going to go with the traditional red roses you have to go big. Two dozen red roses will fill a vase. Red roses are for your lover. They are great for Valentines Day when you are trying to make a grand romantic gesture.

Planted Orchid

If your sweet heart has a green thumb she will love a planted orchid for Valentines day. The Blooming period of this flower can last several weeks. This gift also works well for a friend or relative.


Tulips look great in a bouquet so they make an ideal gift for Valentines Day. You can go with a bouquet of tulips in mixed colors, or you can go with one solid color. Tulip blooms last roughly one week.

Cheerful Bouquet

Looking to put a smile on your Valentines face? Consider a bouquet that is a mix of colored roses and Peruvian lilies. The blooms last a long time and they are so colorful. This is the perfect bouquet to send your mother, or your lover if she isn’t into red roses.

Mini Roses

If the person you are sending flowers to is more into plants you may consider sending them a bunch of miniature roses. Miniature roses come in a variety of colors. They are perfect for the Valentine with a green thumb.

Red and Pink Roses

If you want to send a bouquet that makes a statement consider a bouquet that has pink and red roses. The color blend looks rich together. This blend is perfect for your significant other.

Star Gazer Lilies

If you are looking for a fragrant flower arrangement consider sending a bouquet of star gazer lilies. Star gazer lilies are arguably the most fragrant of the flower you can find in a bouquet. To add volume consider a bouquet that mixes tulips with the lilies.

Roses in a Heart Shape

Instead of sending roses in a vase, consider sending red, or pink roses arranged in the shape of a heart. This is an ideal gift for your significant other. It is not something she will soon forget.

Potted Hydrangea

Hydrangea have a beautiful full bloom. A potted hydrangea is perfect for your Valentine if she has a green thumb. Hydrangeas come in shades of pink, blue and white. Pink hydrangeas work well for Valentines Day.

Red Roses and Pink Tulips2015-01-15-ScreenShot20150114at51.59.17PM-thumb

Looking for a mixed bouquet that exudes luxury? A bouquet of red roses and pink tulips is ideal.The bouquet is ideal for your significant other.

Roses and Hydrangeas

Roses and hydrangeas look great together because the full blooms of hydrangeas fill in the gaps of the bouquet. If you opt for roses and hydrangeas in shades of pink this is an ideal bouquet for your love, but it also works great for a friend or relative.

Pink Roses

If you know your valentine loves roses, but you are sick of sending red roses, consider sending a bouquet of two dozen pink roses. Pink roses are just as romantic.

Gerbera Daisies and Roses

Gerbera daisies and roses look great together. For Valentines Day consider an arrangement of pink roses and pink daisies. This blend works well for friend, relative, or significant other.


If your significant other isn’t in to flowers you can send her a balloon instead. Balloons shaped like a heart are romantic.

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