FLO-04901_med_usaWedding is the most auspicious day of life and therefore, it is the prime objective to have perfect wedding arrangement. Right from the wedding gown to the food and from the procession to the wedding decoration; everything should be in order. Flowers are the integral part of the entire event and it is a phenomenal idea to adore the wedding place with cute and delicate flowers. Fresh flowers brings a feeling of bloom, purity and peace to the occasion. 

Ideas for Wedding flower decoration by Ansari Flowers in Pune City at Hadapsar, India

There are various wedding decoration ideas that make wedding place special.

a)      Use fresh cut flowers and multicolored vases:  It is really fabulous idea to use carnations, daisy, and lily and tulip flowers; FLO-12801_med_usafreshly cut and arranged in beautiful bunches. They are the most suitable flowers for wedding decoration. Place them into various vases and bowls with multiple colors and shapes. Make sure you have sufficient vases to adorn the entire premises. Pathways and sidewalls can be adorned with small plans to make it less heavy.  Creative people use simple material like bamboo sticks or bamboo mesh and combine them with the best quality flowers to create an exotic effect.

b)      Use strings of flowers combined with ornamental material: It is an incredible idea to adorn the wedding place with colorful strings of assorted flowers. Ornamental material like satin ribbons, bows, silk cloth and gorgeous drapery makes it surprisingly beautiful. Embellish the entrance and sideways with silk curtains will complement it with a royal appearance.

c)      Theme based flower decoration for surprise element: There is a trend nowadays for theme based flower decoration. It is equally stunning. There are multiple themes like pirates, prince of Persia, fairy tales or Western movies. The combination of colorful orchids, tulips and carnation and the theme based property makes the wedding a memorable one.

What to consider while doing flower decoration?

Cost of flowers needs maximum attention while deciding for flower decoration. It can be a heavy load for the pocket, especially if it is an off-season wedding from the point of view of availability of fresh flowers. You may be required to spend exorbitant price to get good quality flowers. It is better to select the local flowers that are on hand in ample number. Use the creativity and imagination to make wonder from the available items. It is possible to use the other material wisely to control the cost.

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