flower-baskets1Decorations with Carpet of Fresh Petals

We can make another exciting floral decoration with carpet of fresh petals in an outdoor wedding. These petals will certainly make the walkway look attractive. Create a passage of petals or form a design with arches or curves. We can also use the initials of your names in the passageway at the wedding venue.

Wedding is celebration where there are a lot of expenses involved. But the good news is that, these expenses can be reduced in many ways, if only we make the right plans. This is why it is so important to have a proper plan in advance. Here are some simple ways in which we can plan properly to reduce the cost.

9_thumb[1]Taking an Intelligent Decision about the Wedding Venue

We should take an intelligent decision while planning the wedding decorations. Go for a venue that is classy yet inexpensive. If we choose a venue that is elegant and sophisticated, then we will be able to save a lot of money on our decoration bills. There’s no need to deck-up such a beautiful venue.

Using Family Decorative Items and Renting

We can also cut down our wedding decoration costs, by using family decorative items. We can prepare them at home by using family photographs and various other decorative objects. Moreover, We can also get decorative items for rent. This way, we will end up saving a lot of money.

Making use of the best lighting décor at economical rates

We can save money on the wedding lighting decorations too and still use electronic lightening as well as striking candle lights. These electronic lights and candles are available at affordable prices. With this, we can create an amazing ambience at our wedding venue.

Reusing Artificial Flowers as Decorative Items

Natural flowers can be costly. We can go for artificial flowers – they can look as beautiful as the natural ones. We can even use re-usable flowers, perhaps some flowers that we have at home. Going artificial is a smart decision, one that lets us trim down our expenses.

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