wedding2Weddings are an essential part for people. They normally occur once in life and for this reason people want to make this memorable day unforgettable.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, especially if you want to get married during winter. The cold days of this season don’t really make for a romantic atmosphere, but it can still be very beautiful and extraordinary.

Are you about to get married this winter? Have you chosen the flowers yet? In this article we provide for you a list of the latest trends in wedding flowers this year. If you want to be up-to-date, you had better keep reading.

Flowers play an important role in your wedding so don’t underestimate them. Choosing the right ones that will fit your dress and the premises is a must.

What flowers to choose in 2013:


Often called mums, this flower comes from northeastern Europe and Asia. Chrysanthemums are very popular and are often used for different occasions. In combination with other flowers, they are a good addition to wedding bouquets too, but only if arranged properly.

Baby’s breath

This is an annual flower with tiny blossoms. It comes from eastern and central Europe and loves sandy and dry places. The flower is weddingmostly used in the floristry business.

This year baby’s breath is back at weddings, making the bridal bouquet elegant, delicate and very beautiful. Furthermore, the flower adds a romantic flavor. With its white blossoms it depicts innocence. Not to mention, the plant gives a very clean look if not mixed with other flowers. For this reason baby’s breath is perfect for the occasion.


What’s better than a rose? A bunch of roses! These flowers are a classic. They will never be out of date. So if you like them and you want to play safe, go for roses. Red or white ones, it’s up to you. The market offers a great variety of roses so pick up the ones you like most and don’t forget that they have to fit your dress as well. The plants are beautiful and classy.


If you consider roses a bit hackneyed, then we offer other options as well. Take a look at the next one – carnations. Carnations may not be considered as the best flowers for any occasion but, surprisingly, they are included in this year’s list as a must-have in flower bouquets. The good thing about carnations is that they last longer than other flowers. If you are very much into symbols we should probably mention that these plants express fascination and love. This is the most general meaning of the flower. There are other meanings depending on the color.


This year it is also very modern to add different ornaments in the wedding bouquets such as your grandmother’s pearls, brooches and handkerchiefs. Vintage has been very popular these days and it will probably continue to be an option for a number of weddings. If you want to make your wedding day a bit bohemian-like, go for a combination of vintage pastel colors, blowsy roses, pale peaches and unusual foliage.

weddingBig flowers

Dahlias, roses and mums also work out for a wonderful wedding bouquet. In this case, it depends on which hemisphere you live in as some of the flowers are available during summer.

What flowers not to chose in 2013:

  • Light bouquets with a mix of flowers
  • Tropical flowers
  • Traditional colors (and that includes flowers): greens, oranges and reds. Say NO to them if you are planning a more stylish wedding.


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