weddingcake3Happy wedding season folks!

From years, wedding invitations sent and received by us that play a role of messenger to announce date and timing of biggest celebration of life and also appeals to join the event at scheduled time. Wedding cards are well designed notes favored by bride and groom and designs illustrate fabulous performance of card makers who are putting their heart out to craft a unique pattern that will deeply fall in eyes of guests when they receive it personally from sender.  What you expect from wedding invitations and how significant is it to pick out a different design from previously received one as you want to make an impact with your innovative idea that will reach its destination and your guests will WOW afterwards.

History of wedding invitations cards

In middle ages and before “Town Crier” used to announce wedding celebration of particular person in the locality where supposed guests are invited and it will deliver a loud message to attend wedding on mentioned date and time. Calligraphy made it possible to hand-craft wedding invitations and it became an integral practice followed by everyone.  It was an era devoted to hand-written wedding invitations and used successfully by people.

In 1600 a new trend followed by people to announce wedding celebration as newspaper industry came into existence and it was an wedding4easy to pick opportunity for people to utilize this medium making an announcement of their engagement or wedding in front of one and all. By the middle of 1600, engraved wedding invitation cards were brought into frame and middle or upper class individuals used this to announce their wedding celebration on a metal plate that is regarded as most traditional form of wedding invitation till now.

Industrial revolution probably produced a double jacket wedding invitation card that is premature form of currently popular wedding invitation cards. In modern era, we are not confined to printed wedding cards as Internet has provided a different type of alternative to announce your wedding via email or short message on mobile phones. Though the journey of wedding cards is a big loop, original concept remained similar for centuries.

Role of wedding invitations cards

Despite of all the discussion we had previously, point of concern remains same. Do we need a wedding invitation card or what role a wedding invitation card plays when you are inviting guests to attend your memorable day and bless both of you for happy married life? At wedding celebration a grand welcome expected by guests and you describe each and everything about wedding celebration in invitation cards that builds curiosity in minds of many and they will love to attend your wedding to visualize a grand celebration with lots of energetic moves on the floor. Wedding cards describes concept of wedding and appeals on your behalf to attend memorable day of your life that is an expected favor you want from every guest.

wedding1  How to pick matchless wedding invitations cards

Browse few best invitation samples available in market, if not satisfied, visit online wedding cards store where wholesome collection waits for wedding couple to single out exclusive designs wedding cards announcing date, timing and venue of your marriage celebration.  Consider color scheme and invitation design as identifying features of striking cards and you can also ask for photo printed cards that will be awesome idea to illustrate your innovation in card selection. Check online vendors delivering all kinds of wedding invitations, wedding greeting cards and engagement cards for discount price offer and shortlist most attractive cards as your big celebration starts with sending wedding invitation cards and it should be a matchless presentation fabricated by you.


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